January Full Moon

Possible names include but are not limited to: Old, Wolf, Winter, Snow, Moon After Yule. Mani indicated that He’d like me to use “Wolf”, though I make no guarantees that He’d convey the same to anyone else. The following is a piece of sacred fiction.

. . .

A high-pitched howl floated up from the World below, faint with distance. Mani glanced over the side of the wagon, “Sounds like a new cub.”

Hati continued his pace alongside the horses, “She’s probably singing for the first time.”

“Singing? It just sounds like howling.”

Hati snorted and looked up over his shoulder, “Just howling, please.”

“I thought it was just a thing wolves do, y’know, howl at the moon.”

“The youngest start”, he cocked his head slightly, “Her siblings have joined in – and the parents usually come in next. It depends on how many generations there are present, sometimes.”

Mani shifted the reins slightly, so the horses would continue along the star rimmed path in the sky. He glanced back in the direction of the howling again, “What are they singing about?”

“That particular family’s asking for the moon to illuminate the tracks of their prey so they don’t go hungry during the winter”, Hati nodded to his left, “But that family coming up over there is singing to their grandmother.”

“Why would they think she’s up here with us?”

“Depending on the Realm, the path to Helheim is tied into the moon. The surface of the moon they can see in the sky’s the side of the gate for the living, and the dead pass through to the dark side. Once through the gate, the dead are seen as the stars.”

“Interesting”, Mani stifled a small yawn, “Sorry. Moonrise was so early today.”


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