Lights of the Winter Storm (intro)

Date: Feb 2nd

Wáloselena (from the [Tolkien] Elvish wind + snow los + of the stars elena) [wuh-lahs el-eh-nuh].

So, the English translation of the name and the date are the same. However, I’ve received no indication that any other component of Nornoriel’s description of this holy day is the same when it comes to my practice. Horn Father is the main player for this day.

In the morning twilight hours, Horn Father blesses various tools associated with Him and His activities (via His priest) in a ritual in Vanaheim. This noticeably includes any farming tools and seeds to be started indoors as winter ends, but it depends on the Tribe and family as to what Their focus is. At sunrise, Horn Father blesses a breakfast meal shared by attendees, then He can be consulted for advice, blessings, aid, etc. throughout the day as He visits each town. As the sun sets, He blesses the heads of each family.

His official priest Who visits several towns in each Tribal area, but additional priests in each Tribal area are used to reach Everyone in Vanaheim. While Horn Father leaves His official priest (and any others) when it’s dark, there’s enough residual energy from Him in the air for many priests to take divination requests from citizens throughout the night.

. . .

Observing this holy day:

  • Blessing any tools used for farming, food preparation, hunting, or whatever your livelihood is. Seeds and the ‘initial’ versions of whatever relates to your livelihood can be blessed as well.
  • Sharing food with your corporeal family and/or edible offerings with non-corporeal Family, friends, associates, etc. as breakfast (or another meal).
  • Divination and magical requests can also work on this day.
  • Any other activity associated with Him as acknowledgement.

. . .

A little more about Him and this day:

Thanking the animals killed and eaten as food, blessing their kin to be fruitful come spring, requesting blessings and aid to end winter on a high note, and a general day of acknowledging Him. He blesses Spirit-Guardians as various species enter into mating season, to be fruitful here in Midgard. He breaks down bodies to bless the soil and lead to good harvests. A comfortable inside while it’s winter sort of day, ideal for solitary and group based activities.


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