[Catching up on some Intro posts for People.]

I haven’t really talked about him a lot, so it’s totally okay if you have no idea who I’m talking about. He’s a member of the Bee Tribe (aka not Named or Known in the Lore) and is a relatively average citizen of Vanaheim. Nectë supports my bees tag, but I don’t really have a separate one for him.

Copy+pasted from the FAQ I did for the Silmalascertar:

I’m not entirely sure what his name in the language of the Vanir is, but he has okayed being referred to as Nectë (I mentally pronounce it “neck-tay”, and it may appear without the accent at times). This is one option in Quenyan [Tolkien Elvish] for honey, which is appropriate because he belongs to the Bee tribe.

He has passed on information about the Silmalascertar (aka the Silverleaf runes), but they aren’t solely from him. It’s a personalized means of using the Tengwar more or less like runes, and I haven’t brought it up here due to still working on figuring things out.


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