[Catching up on some Intro posts for People.]

When I was first introducing myself to People, I checked with Him, and He pretty much conveyed to come back later. (So, like 3 years have passed?) Anyway, m’Lady sent me to Him in August 2015. He acted as a guide to Helheim and back for a piece of shadow work.

Small bits and pieces of the session of shadow work are below. It’s unfortunately still relevant, but I have a feeling that No One is surprised. I haven’t interacted much with Sleipnir since August, but He pretty much conveyed that He’d be back later.

. . .


If I isolate now and slowly cut myself off, it shouldn’t hurt them as much later. If I get sloppy and procrastinate and breakdown the image of being a good student, a good person, organized, and in control now, they won’t have to be concerned about the day I just don’t show up. I’ll be late again and it won’t cause worry.


Before I can return, I have to make a sacrifice. I initially feared that this is shaman sickness, or that I’d have to become a spirit worker, but that is not what this is. I will need to live for, on behalf of, my Gods, Powers, Spirits, etc., but I will not be a shaman or spirit worker. My life and lived experiences will be the dedicated life of a lay person.


I want to mark the threads that connect me to other people and OU so thoroughly that I can’t just fade into a vague memory. [. . .] I want to experience things for my Deities, Powers, Spirits, etc. I want to share food and invite Them into my everyday life. [ . . ] I want to be a walking shrine, a living vessel through my life.


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