First steps with my ancestors

I didn’t start off honoring my ancestors alongside my People, so I honestly have no problem with other people not wanting to do anything with an ancestral practice. It isn’t required for everyone. However, I couldn’t really keep avoiding Hela’s request to honor my dead when it was the only thing She wanted me to do in the beginning.

I started out with biological family members I knew of, and I purposely avoid contact with three of them (due to toxicity). Because I already had a set of prayer beads with a certain count, I came up with a prayer set to acknowledge my ancestors. I could name those I knew, touch on professions (teacher, farmer, coal miner, etc.), and include nods to heritage (German, Irish, Scottish, and English as far as I know).

It wasn’t all that bad to start off building a line of connection with them, but I eventually felt stuck in a rut. I got Weaving Memory: A Guide to Honoring the Ancestors by Laura Patsouris, mulled over my toxic ancestors, and did elevations for everyone. After that my bio dead stepped back into the throng of my Christian dead and haven’t really wanted to interact directly since.


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