Toxic Ancestors

Writing and Religion (Or I’m not an academic for a reason) – I tried to write an academic piece for Walking the Worlds (a biannual journal of polytheism and spirit-work), and I found out that it’s not easy. This portion looks at my take away from the experience, particularly that I haven’t actually been prepared for this style of writing (I’ve only ever once before had to write an abstract, and it was for a science paper).

Writing and Religion II (I tried) – I apologize in advance for my formatting mistakes. I wasn’t going to share my piece until Someone reminded me that journals are associated with exclusivity for a reason. For this journal, you have to be a contributor or pay money in order to acquire a copy, so in the interest of reaching a wider audience, I shared the piece.

Note: This was written in October of 2014, which was before I dropped the asterisk (*) from ‘trans’, so this will be seen in this (it was shared as it was submitted).

Abstract shared here, and the rest can be read here (it’s free; just behind a cut due to length).

Toxicity isn’t necessarily meant to judge the dead, but is used here to identify and describe qualities, behaviors, and/or energy from the dead that are negative. This negativity can influence whether a living descendant wishes to interact with the ancestor, so toxicity can be a block between someone wishing to interact with or honor their ancestors and their ancestors themselves. A breakdown of the types of toxicity will be proposed along with the responses that a descendant may choose from in response to the toxicity of their ancestor(s). In order to help clarify the choices of responses, a more in-depth example will be given at the end.


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