Ancestral Representatives

So, my bio dead stepped back into my Christian dead (and they eventually put on a more cohesively Catholic front) after I did elevations for everyone I knew of. After Hela and Jormundgand prodding me in the direction of honoring the trans dead, I stopped fighting that I was trans and paid some attention to them.

Up until winter 2015, these were my only two groups of dead I knew of and knew I was interacting with. Because there are a lot of people in each of these groups and I was getting contradictory divination readings, I asked if I could only communicate directly with a Representative of each group.

I eventually asked for some sort of name and desired pronouns for the Representatives. It felt a little more personal, in a way. David represents my Christian dead (he / him), and Adam represents my trans dead (they / their). One of the new groups of dead is represented by Memziri (meh-m  z-eerie) who uses he / his pronouns.

Memziri may also appear as Mimzy. He literally used Mimzy imagery to get the name across because those sounds don’t really exist in other words together. Y’know, the rabbit from The Last Mimzy. There’s something with rabbit imagery where my People just spam it occasionally, but I’m pretty sure Mimzy isn’t actually rabbit identified. He feels old, like before the Jotnar and Vanir split old.


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