I requested one of Satsekhem’s oracular slots, since I’ve been hit or miss on communicating with Sekhmet. There was the whole showing up near the Fire Howling, using someone else’s dream in the early fall to communicate something to me, and leaving for a while before sort of coming back.

Depending on what gets tweaked when People fix and clean things (more on a spiritual / non-physical level), I’ve had patchy compatibility with Sekhmet among the Kemetic pantheon. Since the part of The Burning that’s been happening since 2016 started, I’m officially not compatible but Sekhmet can still stop by.

So, yeah, I asked for an oracular slot because I haven’t been able to tell if Sekhmet wants something from me or not. Answer (received 3.26):

She says that she has nothing specific that she needs at this time from you.

She does say that you need to take some time out for renewal? It sounded like she felt you were over reaching in a lot of areas, which is never in anyone’s best interest. So she said that you need to take a long bit to rejuvenate and relax for a bit. Have some fun!

Tech is hellish, so I am not surprised at the “over reaching in a lot of areas” comment. With the end of the semester noticeably in sight, I almost laughed at the “rejuvenate and relax” bit. I have to write two 10 page papers, memorize my part in a scene, and revise my playwriting thesis in time for the playreading date (already been picked – April 8th), among other projects and such for finals.

Sekhmet’s response (via positivedoodle):



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