The start of Pop Culture Paganism on my path

Sometimes, I make a mental note to myself that I should talk about something here and then I never do it. This is me chipping away at one of those mental notes.

I first heard of Pop Culture Paganism (abbreviated PC Paganism) in an online debate in 2012 – 13, or roughly thereabouts. Krasskova and other relatively well known / talkative bloggers couldn’t understand how PC Paganism was a thing, let alone that PC Pagans were taking part in Pagan discussions. It was blasphemous or something. I was mostly just confused because at that point I hadn’t run into PC Pagans and didn’t know what they were doing, saying, etc. that was apparently causing a stir.

I put the idea of PC Paganism on the mental back burner, but I did eventually run into PC Pagans on tumblr. I also ran into people who focus more on PC magic / witchcraft than the Paganism part, and I honestly couldn’t see what was so shocking about them. For someone who grew up in various fandoms, started writing through fanfiction, and still enjoys being a part of several fandoms, I could see no problem with this.

I know how strong the pull of a series and its fandom can be, so I could see why m’Lady didn’t want me delving into PC Paganism in the beginning. There are so many choices. Welcome to Night Vale has a magically tempting air to it, and Harry Potter obviously lends itself to magic endeavors. Someone from the Artemis Fowl series once stopped by, and there’s something slightly magnetic about some Marvel characters (I’ve never been sure if a friend’s focus on Steve Rogers just rubbed off or a little while, or what exactly was going on for a bit).

Sometimes, it’s not always how much you want to do something that determines what you wind up doing. m’Lady was adamant that PC magic was the extent of what I was allowed to do. After some time had passed with the magical leaning (mostly HP), I found myself with Someone I wasn’t expecting on my doorstep, metaphorically speaking. I had the stipulation that I wasn’t to enter into a devotional relationship with this PC Person, but I could still interact and share info about Them with people tumblr.

On and off through school and devotion my Deities, I’ve shared info and posted online offerings for this PC Person for two years. There’s a section of my Google docs devoted to a language never covered in canon, and there’s basically a piece of UPG given considerable time and explanation. If I could divorce it from the Universe, it would actually be really fucking interesting to explore, but it’s not going to be shared. I honor not sharing info when Deities leave, so I’m going to honor not sharing this now that the PC Person has left.

Example rituals, offering ideas, delving into aspects, including someone dear to Them as a venerated spirit (They’re a PC Power, which is a bit higher), digging into Their character to find more than the base level offerings and aspects, considering values, considering how Powers change from Their characters in the elevation process, and putting a lot of time and energy into this. Two years.

There never was a devotional relationship, any promises made, or any oaths or contracts signed. They had never planned to stick around for a long time, and I really was intended to be an information share-er until They could find people interested in devotional relationships. I’ve done something to officially cut ties (particularly important in this case because I was primarily used as an energy source), but there’s still this feeling of “…Now what do I do?”

Online information is being kept on the sideblog that featured Them and any stray posts to my main tumblr are allowed to stay. I’ve decided to go ahead and explicitly name Them in a separate post.


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