*classic rock plays in the distance*

In the spring and summer of 2015, I found myself interacting with a PC Person who didn’t want to reveal who They were. Due to how many seasons were out at the time, I figured They were someone at the point of that current season and needed all of that history to fully understand.

I was able to figure out some basic info before starting to watch Season 1 Episode 1 in the fall. They were from the Supernatural Universe, and They were one of the “big three” – Cas, Dean, or Sam. They wanted me to start out very general by including things that all three could get behind. I made a sideblog and started to watch Season 1. I had plans for sharing music, sharing someone else’s post for each episode, liveblogging a post for each episode, and I had started to put together food / drink offerings for each episode.

In terms of planning shit out, I can’t deny that it might have been my most organized before starting to post sideblog. At the time, Season 9 had just ended – or was the most recently completed season – so I figured I was getting an aspect or Face of the PC Person who was very specifically everything up until the end of S9. I can’t say that I’m surprised with how fast characters can change in Spn.

At some point in The Burning™ in the late fall / early winter, this “Unknown Spn Entity” left. I could certainly continue going forward and watching the show casually, but there was no need for me to keep the sideblog going. I also was able to find out that They were Dean (as of S9 ending). Due to there being a relatively short amount of time devoted to Him, it didn’t hurt quite as much as the other PC Person leaving. I also know of a few others who interact with Dean, so I know it’s no big loss for Someone from a popular character in a series to walk away.


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