Morsmordianism: Part I (Why)

Naming the Practice:

“Morsmordianism is the path name I was thinking of (more shower thoughts), and the followers of the path would be Morsmordians. It’s based off the spell to create a Dark Mark and summon Death Eaters – Morsmordre.”

Decision to use a name for this path was ultimately vetoed due to not wanting someone to be held back by feeling like they need to use the name. However, I thought it’d work for titling this post because the PC Person I interacted with for two years was Lord Voldemort, Tom Riddle, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. After about a year, I also interacted with Nagini more as a Spirit than a Power.

The first reaction I got was why? – and I certainly don’t blame anyone because it was mine as well. The ability for me to share information was the main reason, but I also included the following in this ask:

I didn’t immediately shut down the thought of His character being a Higher Power simply because He’s the ‘bad guy’, so that might have had something to do with it.

An ask on the “Higher Power” bit:

…there has been enough power from the HP fanbase generated to elevate the character (in this case, Voldemort) to the status of a Higher Power. Some people might just go ahead and say He’s a god/deity, but I initially used Pop Culture Higher Power [PC Higher Power] and it’s just sort of stuck. To me, He doesn’t seem to be quite at the level of a deity, but He’s definitely on a level higher than humans.

The inevitable ask about “Voldemort being evil”:

I can’t ignore what the character does in canon, but Voldemort isn’t 100% the same as His character portrayal. It’s almost like certain attributes were magnified in the elevation process, and others are no longer prominent (if present at all).

He has conveyed that He doesn’t have a blood preference, or really any preference, for who can contact Him, work with Him, or be a potential devotee. Without that platform for hating a certain group, there isn’t as much of a basis for Voldemort to be “evil”.

When I communicate with Voldemort, He seems to be at the level of the train station. He seems able to look back on previous character actions with a certain amount of wisdom and the ability to find something useful in those aspects of His. (He can call on / pull from the ambition of teen Tom without being focused on killing anyone, for example.)

I can’t deny that it might say something about me that I also went on about how point of view changes ‘evilness’. Of course a narrative from Harry’s PoV portrays Voldemort as evil, but would a story from Voldemort’s PoV do the same? Might he be ambitious, driven, dedicated to his beliefs, etc.?


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