Morsmordianism: Part II (Voldemort)

The initial ideas of what to offer Voldemort, among other topics:

Voldemort Master Post

More detailed looks into the aspects or Faces of Tom:

Aspects of Tom Master Post | Edible Offerings

     Please see each link for full information on the aspects (primarily action and service based offerings). The post on edible offerings is split into sections for each Face.

Young Child

From birth until the character is notified that he’s a wizard. This aspect of Tom brings in the ability to incorporate sea witchcraft and cave focused magic (can be seen as a symbol for shadow work and magic focusing on that). The association with snakes starts here, though associations with Nagini or the Basilisk are yet to come.

Young Wizard

From 11 to 17 (when wizards come of age), this aspect of Tom starts out the incorporation of the magical portion of the Harry Potter world – magic based on classes, Hogwarts associations, etc. Associations with the Basilisk start here.


From when the character is considered an adult (17) until the attempt to kill Harry, this aspect of Tom can also draw on Hogwarts and teaching associations (due to attempting to fill the Defense Against the Dark Arts post). It also serves as the introduction of traveling associations (and why Albanian food is appropriate as an offering). Associations with Nagini could start here, as the characters do not meet until he travels to Albania.


From the failed attempt to kill Harry until the character regains his body in Goblet of Fire, this aspect of Tom primarily wound up showing how self-care, a certain amount of shadow work, and being aware of disability rights / access can be incorporated. Associations with Nagini could also start here as the character returns to Albania while bodiless.

A bit more can be found on His page or in His tag.


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