Dance of Lovers

Date: May 1st

Mart’uinserma (from the [Tolkien] Elvish cord / string serma + of the uin + fate marta) [mar-two-in sir-muh].

Nornoriel describes this holy day as including the maypole and ritual sex (m / f, f / f, m / m, and the King / Queen represent trans couples) not uncommon in rituals around this time of the year.

In my practice, the dancing and weaving of ribbons around poles seems to be the larger focus than the ritual sex (it seems to be a private optional activity). Colors are chosen for specific purposes and wishes are usually written on them as well, and then there are a lot of poles.

Priests dance and weave a pole for all of Vanaheim at the Henge (televised), priests dance a separate one for each Tribe in the largest gathering place of their area, and then smaller towns and cities usually put up their own. Smaller poles often go up for individual families as well.

Not everyone wants to go through the trouble of putting up a pole, so related acts of magic are done that bring in colors and tying / weaving. This can be individual cord magic, magic related to knots, sewing, knitting, crocheting, weaving, and other textile related magic. It’s not uncommon for ribbons to be woven and braided into hair for the day, and some Tribes have specific traditions around colors and someone else assisting / braiding hair.

There’s often a feast at the Capitol for ambassadors and allies, as the energy of tying things together is seen as a good time to work on ties between Realms. Mediation and working out problems can also happen at this time in order to untangle the ties between people.

. . .

Ways to observe in Midgard:

  • Color magic.
  • Utilizing cords / ribbons / string in your magic. Whether you do knots, sew, knit, or do something else with the material.
  • Braiding your hair or otherwise creating a hairstyle with intent.
  • Maypole celebration. Dancing and listening to / creating music.
  • Working out interpersonal problems, if you’d like to. Personal shadow work.
  • Sharing food / drink with Someone, if appropriate / able.
  • Ritual sex and/or sex magic, if appropriate / desired.

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