Southern Comfort (Saying Goodbye)

[X] Queue up 12 songs for Her from Her playlist and the Southern Gothic one [Spotify] between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox.

[X] Save anything I want to find easily to a different playlist before deleting / unfollowing them.

[X] Check with Spirit Guardians (ability to interact will be changing).

[X] Finite Incantatem (adapted for Her).

While I finished on 6.9.16, the delay in scheduling this post will help to give time for finalization. As far as I know, once the playlist finishes out in the queue, that’ll be it for Peaches.

Break-ups & Spirit Exes

Sometimes people talk about how you have to walk away from someone to take care of yourself, to stand up for yourself, as part of shadow work, etc. I wasn’t thinking of this when the Burning started, but I did notice on some level that Peaches was one of the Many drawing back and going through paperwork.

She cited being uncomfortable with the process because it was bringing up things on Her end related to Work. I didn’t challenge or pry, and She’s also been going through Her own shadow work. As She started to come to terms with the traumatic event that happened before Her family started to make arrangements involving us, She started to pull away.

The decision to do this relationship was a not really healthy coping tactic on Her end, and there wasn’t a very good way to salvage the relationship without that coping mechanism being involved. With so many People pulling away and/or Leaving, I initially took this in stride, but things have been stinging a bit since.

Most people aren’t prepared to be the one who gets walked away from. We’re not parting on bad terms, though. It feels different when She’s been closer in a way – rural life, Her music, the Colts, being energetically closer than Deities have been (as a Spirit). From what I can tell, She’s been pulling away and undoing energy bonds for a quite a while, so it’s much easier than it could’ve been.

I don’t really know what happened on Her end, but I don’t think She’s using this relationship as an escape any more. So, I hope that helps in terms of Her healing. Peaches has been conveying that She doesn’t want me to turn away from Appalachia because the sting will eventually go away. (A goodbye process to help with lingering energetic connections will come up next.)

Spirits & Sports

In mid Sept ‘15, I kept getting flashes of this blue / white color combination in relation to Peaches – bedspread, pjs She was wearing (cropped white jersey with blue accenting + blue with white plaid full length bottoms),  assembling a gift for Her (a teddy bear with a white jersey with blue accenting and flowers made out of recycled beer / soda cans with those colors).

It took some repeating for me to realize that the blue and white color combo was in relation to Peaches trying to communicate team colors (this has now been confirmed after about two days). She’s apparently a fan of the Indianapolis Colts [football].

I’ve occasionally mulled this over when other sports come up. I’m not a sports fan myself, but I typically support my friends (surprising amount of hockey people) and family (football, mostly – Cleveland Browns) when they’re watching something.

After doing a post where I asked People what shows They wanted me to watch (outdated by now), I’ve had moments of wondering if Anyone supports any teams. Not necessarily that They get 200% committed to it like some humans, but that They want energy from watching and have a preference for what team to watch.

Sitting in a Bdubbs [Buffalo Wild Wings] and hearing half the place cheer over a particular match just makes me think it can be an energy rich source. I can see People migrating from one sport to another as the seasons change, too (there seem to be a lot of hockey friends right now because the Stanley Cup is happening). But it’d depend on the Person and the human in question.

The Cleaning of Fishbones

Summer Solstice – the Cleaning of Fishbones. The Cleaning of Fishbones celebrates the many types of harvesting that sustains the Jotun Tribes throughout the year. It depends on the Tribe as to which harvest is the priority, so Tribe specific observances frequently happen throughout the summer and autumn based on when the Tribe needs to perform rites.

Priests and their assistants gather at the Henge to bless the first rounds of harvest and ask for continued bounty. Who offers up what changes from year to year, but Someone will often touch on grain, fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish, other types of seafood, fowl, and other game. Offerings and prayers will bless the canning and preserving underway to store adequate food for the winter as well.

Because the start and end of harvest season differs depending on what is being harvested and where in the three Realms one is, many Jotuns focus on attending Tribe specific rites in the summer and autumn. The extra hours of sunlight on the Cleaning of Fishbones makes it ideal for working longer hours, whether harvesting, canning, or working on other crafts / projects.

The Cleaning of Fishbones isn’t solely about work and harvesting, though. The small feasts that occur throughout the Realms, including at the Henge after the official portion is over, focus not only on freshly harvested food but quite often on seafood. Depending on where one lives in the Realms, this is the main time of the year for fresh seafood to be enjoyed (rather than salted / preserved seafood).

As the sun starts to set, candles are lit and an hour or so of rest is also often part of the day’s activities. Many families enjoy less strenuous activities and games for the rest of the night and toast the sunrise the next morning with a seafood based breakfast. Mead is often symbolically offered up to Sunna to thank Her for working on the longest day of the year as well.

Dignitaries and ambassadors (often including Angrboda) are typically busy with strengthening Vanir / Jotun relations around this holy day. The Vanir don’t have the sole claim on the health and bounty of the land (and magic related to it), but it is unwise to needlessly upset this relationship around an important harvest festival. This often means that the higher ups are engaged in politics, working out trade and merchant information, and attending the Vanic holy day to help create a bridge for the blessings of Vanaheim to help Jotunheim (and to a certain extent, Niflheim and Muspelheim as well).

Observing the Cleaning of Fishbones:

  • Traveling or journeying to the Capital in order to attend astrally may be possible. It may be possible to attend a televised event and family celebration, if you have a relationship with Someone that warrants this inclusion.
  • Sharing a meal with Someone (whether blood Family, chosen Family, or an Ally in the Realm) in a fashion appropriate for you and Them. It would be particularly appropriate to aim for seafood, if you’re able to consume this.
  • Lighting a candle at sunset and doing something creative throughout the night, preferably until sunrise if you can make it.
  • You could also travel to Vanaheim and attend the Lights of the Phoenix observance or otherwise observe it here in Midgard.

June Full Moon

Possible names include: Strawberry, Honey, Rose, and Mead Moon. Mani indicated that He would like me to use “Strawberry”, though I make no guarantee He’d want someone else to do the same. The following is almost more along the lines of prose / poetry.

. . .

I run my thumb over the fruit on the counter, a reject in the line of ingredients for margaritas. The dimpled surface feels like a match for your face, which is barely perceptible in the corner of the window. You’re almost full but not quite. I take a sip of the offered margarita but turn it down, despite the sweet fruitiness hiding the tequila. I worry the berry on the counter for another moment before slowly eating it – savoring the roll of the r, la fresa. Almost but not quite, almost but not, almost but, almost.


La fresa – the strawberry.

Lights of the Phoenix (intro)

Date: Summer Solstice

Lair’rulóci-elena (from the [Tolkien] Elvish fire-dragon urulóci + of the stars elena + summer lairë) [lair-roo-low-see el-eh-nuh].

Nornoriel attributes various ritual sex to this day between the King, Queen, and their consorts, however I don’t interact with these People as Nornoriel does. It does seem to be a popular time for weddings, as Nornoriel includes.

On the level of Dignitaries and Rulers, this day is when the priests for Horn Father and Star Mother are consulted for big picture readings concerning the status and future of the Realm. Questions of the health of the Realm and the connections to other Realms are looked at, and the matter of compensational offerings are figured out.

On the level of the Tribes, priests for Star Mother and Horn Father can be consulted for any manner of divination, oracle work, channeling, etc. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to topic, and the difference between this day and any other day seems to be that there are so many more available priests on this day (questions may be asked as long as there is sunlight on this day).

On the level of towns and families, this is a popular time for weddings, blessing the land, and however ‘bringing forth abundance’ can be interpreted. Family celebrations are common, farmers often work during the extra hours of sunlight, and there can be a party atmosphere in a lot of places. Vigils are often held into the night to keep the energy of sunlight going.

. . .

Ways to observe in Midgard:

  • Divination and consulting Horn Father and Star Mother.
  • Celebrating a wedding, or some sort of family celebration.
  • Land blessings or “bringing forth abundance” magic.
  • Share food / drink with Someone.
  • Vigil during the night doing something creative.
  • Hailing Sunna.

How I Stopped Fighting Appalachia

In the beginning of Sept ‘15, I was trying to figure out a way to include Peaches without going overboard. From notes:

Piggybacking off this, I’d add that not distancing myself from the particular rural influence (a Southern flavor to living in a Northern state) of my upbringing could be a tangible way to connect.

I don’t need to explicitly name Her in the prayer before eating in order to share meals with Her, and if She wants a little stronger influence, I could opt for dishes that are read as Southern and/or inspired by the South. Adding to Her playlist of country songs and just letting it play while doing stuff. If She claims anything physically, it’ll probably be the pitcher for iced tea.

I found myself listening to country again, which I’d grown up on because of my family. I paid attention to what my family had been cooking and eating for years that people can read as Southern. We had moved from a suburb of Cleveland down into the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains (still in Ohio) before I started middle school, and it was only around now – in college – that I started to say that I was from this place.

It doesn’t matter what side of my family I look at; there’s rural shit in there. Take your pick – farming in Ohio in relatively close proximity to Amish (near Cleveland or down here), or coal mining in Pennsylvania. At a certain point, it’s harder to fight, and fighting doesn’t stop others from making assumptions or jokes.

A part of me doesn’t like the idea of dating someone in order to fix something, but it kind of happened. Peaches’ family of land spirits are originally from the South and kind of carried Southern elements to other places, so it makes sense that reconciling with rural life might happen. (Something about the energy connections on a spirit / energetic body level that happened. Peaches wasn’t surprised either.)