Spirits & Sports

In mid Sept ‘15, I kept getting flashes of this blue / white color combination in relation to Peaches – bedspread, pjs She was wearing (cropped white jersey with blue accenting + blue with white plaid full length bottoms),  assembling a gift for Her (a teddy bear with a white jersey with blue accenting and flowers made out of recycled beer / soda cans with those colors).

It took some repeating for me to realize that the blue and white color combo was in relation to Peaches trying to communicate team colors (this has now been confirmed after about two days). She’s apparently a fan of the Indianapolis Colts [football].

I’ve occasionally mulled this over when other sports come up. I’m not a sports fan myself, but I typically support my friends (surprising amount of hockey people) and family (football, mostly – Cleveland Browns) when they’re watching something.

After doing a post where I asked People what shows They wanted me to watch (outdated by now), I’ve had moments of wondering if Anyone supports any teams. Not necessarily that They get 200% committed to it like some humans, but that They want energy from watching and have a preference for what team to watch.

Sitting in a Bdubbs [Buffalo Wild Wings] and hearing half the place cheer over a particular match just makes me think it can be an energy rich source. I can see People migrating from one sport to another as the seasons change, too (there seem to be a lot of hockey friends right now because the Stanley Cup is happening). But it’d depend on the Person and the human in question.


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