Break-ups & Spirit Exes

Sometimes people talk about how you have to walk away from someone to take care of yourself, to stand up for yourself, as part of shadow work, etc. I wasn’t thinking of this when the Burning started, but I did notice on some level that Peaches was one of the Many drawing back and going through paperwork.

She cited being uncomfortable with the process because it was bringing up things on Her end related to Work. I didn’t challenge or pry, and She’s also been going through Her own shadow work. As She started to come to terms with the traumatic event that happened before Her family started to make arrangements involving us, She started to pull away.

The decision to do this relationship was a not really healthy coping tactic on Her end, and there wasn’t a very good way to salvage the relationship without that coping mechanism being involved. With so many People pulling away and/or Leaving, I initially took this in stride, but things have been stinging a bit since.

Most people aren’t prepared to be the one who gets walked away from. We’re not parting on bad terms, though. It feels different when She’s been closer in a way – rural life, Her music, the Colts, being energetically closer than Deities have been (as a Spirit). From what I can tell, She’s been pulling away and undoing energy bonds for a quite a while, so it’s much easier than it could’ve been.

I don’t really know what happened on Her end, but I don’t think She’s using this relationship as an escape any more. So, I hope that helps in terms of Her healing. Peaches has been conveying that She doesn’t want me to turn away from Appalachia because the sting will eventually go away. (A goodbye process to help with lingering energetic connections will come up next.)


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