Peach Blossoms

First meeting and impressions of Peaches came through in a dream (8.29 / 30.15). From the notes on it:

Jeans, cowboy boots, plaid and/or flannel, cowboy hat, a tan from working outside, and the visual look, really. I can’t pinpoint an accent, but it was enough there that I’d say there was one of some sort. I didn’t necessarily just get a stationary picture of Her, though.

She had dirty work clothes and did manual labor on a farm. She cleaned up for square dancing (though She didn’t have the ‘traditional’ crinoline and skirts get-up; it was more like the nicer version of the first description).

[…] a Southern spirit Who migrated up to this rural section of Ohio (uses she / her pronouns). I don’t know when or why She came up here, but She doesn’t seem new / recent. I don’t remember Her specifically being a cowgirl, but She seemed to fit a rural / Southern aesthetic for lack of better phrasing. […] clothing, work ethic, food, music, and that sort of stuff.

I’m not sure about the exact details, but Her family of spirits was negotiating something with m’Lady that involved a Marriage. It had to do with Her Job, and on paper, we were sort of looking promising. Peaches was expecting to be a tertiary partner and spend most of Her time doing Her Job (Workaholic), but Her interactions with me would be the “come home and leave my Job at the door” variety.

When I inquired as to what She remembered more about how things started, a different part of the montage dream was chosen. At the time, Peaches was coping with with an event that had happened, and She hadn’t really divulged it to the People including Her in the arrangements. I’m only finding out now. Adapted notes:

[…] a seductive vibe? I mean, “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)” by Big and Rich was involved […]