Fire Howling 2016

After being asked to disassemble His shrine earlier in the year, I’ve recently put something together for Njord. It’s rather similar to what I had previously, and I found myself slowly putting things together today for the Pack.

I’m not sure why, but They’ve requested that I not share pictures of these spaces. I haven’t yet oficially opened the doors, but They seem protective. (Something about these being group spaces since Frey and Freya drop by the one for Njord.) Anyways, They seem happy with the set ups.

I accompanied my grandfather on a shopping trip since he was going past Best Buy, and I have my laptop back in my possession (ten days later). Things will take some time to get to a comfortable place because they had to do a factory reset (files were restored, but not programs so I currently can’t open anything, for example).

Because my grandparents had a freezer / fridge unit die on them, we also stopped by my grandparents for the dinner of things that thawed (pulled pork and cheese sandwiches and beef vegetable stew). I don’t know if I’ve paired pulled pork with cheese before, but it actually was pretty good.

(May you not howl alone.)

Wep Ronpet 2016

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I was asked to nod to the Netjeru with birthdays during the Epagomenal Days leading to Wep Ronpet (New Year). Each Netjer wanted to share a card for the year.

  • Day 1 – Osiris (King of Wands)
  • Day 2 – Horus (R 4 Swords)
  • Day 3 – Set (Hierophant)
  • Day 4 – Aset (R Tower)
  • Day 5 – Nephthys (R 7 Coins)

For Wep Ronpet, I switched the shrine over to something more general for the while Netjeru.

Ever Changing Fire

Ever Changing Fire

Hail Loki

the match head
waiting to strike
and spark
a new idea

the flame
shifting, dancing
to its own tune
a flicker
of adrenaline
in changing

the searing
that eats
and consumes

the cooking fire
pilot light
that provides for
and warms the bellies
of the family

the gentle candle
light reaching for
Sigyn’s face
in the late hours
of finishing chores

the embers
of a love fire
that sputter
and wait
but will never die

Hail Loki

Katniss + Singing

[Original tumblr format had 2 x 4:

Row 1: Can you sing? | Nonverbally indicating singing.

Row 2: Okay. | You want me to sing?

Row 3: Close up of Rue | Nodding.

Row 4: “Deep in the meadow, under the willow | A bed of grass, a soft green pillow” | “Are you, Are you | Coming to the tree”]



The Hunger Games / Mockingjay: Part 1

Relative Failure

[Cross posted and backdated from a sideblog. Originally posted on 28 Aug 2016 and tagged #comfort in hell.]

User evilsupplyco:

“Remember, as you gauge the “waste” of your failures, what you can learn. Lore has it that skeletons were first animated during an accident in the resurrection of zombies.

Failure is a mechanism of evolving and learning.”

Wep Ronpet: A Guide

The Twisted Rope

Every year you see lots of Kemetics talking about the beloved Wep Ronpet that occurs every summer. It’s a great set of holidays and its one of the only holidays that I celebrate out of the hundreds of Kemetic holidays and festivals that I have to choose from.

So it’s kind of a big deal.

However, I was noticing that there aren’t very many resources out there for how you actually go about celebrating the holiday. So I wanted to pool some resources here in one spot for others to use so that they, too can celebrate Wep Ronpet!

So what is Wep Ronpet?

Wep Ronpet is the Kemetic New Year. It falls usually somewhere btwn late July and mid-August. The date for Wep Ronpet varies each year, as it is marked by the rising of Sopdet, modernly known as Sirius. In antiquity, the date would have been based off…

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