The Iron Woods will always be a Home

At the end of Nov ‘15, I had a dream involving Angrboda (already referenced). I visited Her in / near the Iron Wood, and She basically provided support. This has been the main feature of this Face, but due to Politics, it’s going to be a bit harder to interact going forward. She’s the first of many People Who are ‘leaving’, but because we’re parting amicably and/or it’s based in some paperwork issue, I can still provide energy.

Dream: Angrboda was a giant Arctic wolf, and She was sitting on the beach. I initially started out with Spanish as the dialogue because I had started out in ‘the woods’ (Abuela?) looking for Her, and when I somehow made my way to the beach, (Mi abuela!) I sort of snuggled into Her side.

When I say She was a giant wolf, She was large enough that I – as a human – could lay down next to Her and not be longer than Her. She was licking my hair, and then there was an exchange (‘Te amo, abuela’ ‘Y tu’) before English appeared (something about me needing to take care of myself). I might have traveled with Her into the woods to sleep, but I’m not sure.


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