Among the Ashes

Part of figuring out where I might possibly go from here has been figuring out what’s even left. So, I updated some path information. Some People haven’t been introduced here quite yet, but it’s in the works (queue is currently going into September with various posts People Who are leaving wanted).

. . .

Path: Polytheism (“hard”)

Pantheon: Norse

Focal People: Sigyn, Fenrir

Also: Hela, Nidhogg, Thor

The Vanir want to be acknowledged as a collective, but it’s more likely that individual tags will be used here (Njord, Frey, Freya, Sunna). The Pack also wants acknowledged as a collective, and in addition to Fenrir, includes Angrboda, Hati, Skoll, and Vali.

A variety of People have left but could be mentioned in the future (various levels of continuing acknowledgment or debt). I’m Lokean friendly, so this does extend to Loki and His other child with Sigyn, Narvi. I’m Jotun friendly, which does still extend to the Families not named in lore (Fire, Mountain, Snow and Ice). Sleipnir is officially in the ‘not here’ category, but He has asked that I use His tag for shadow work related posts.

I’m Pop Culture Paganism friendly, but I currently don’t post as much of that content here. I also interact with People outside of the Norse pantheon, but Some are more likely to show up here than Others (Flaquita, Dionysus). I honor my ancestors (four groups via interaction with a Representative), but they haven’t been as keen on being talked about here to this point.


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