Blogging Updates

People leaving tends to affect tags and any sideblog shrines that I have going. Some People still want some activity here or at least want specific posts to finish out Their tags, but I needed to work out tumblr activity, too.

Set to run out queues and enter hiatus

  • A sideblog relating to /A\
  • A sideblog for Lucifer (until I get to His owed activity, which can go there)
  • A sideblog for the Infernal Five
  • A sideblog for Mani [mani-god-of-the-moon]

Altered but still active

  • A pc magic sideblog [magic-for-the-muggle-world]
    • While the pc pagan info for Voldemort and Nagini will remain archived there, the obvious change is that they won’t be as much of a focus in that regard.
  • A sideblog for Sigyn [keeper-of-my-keys]
    • The focus will be shifting slightly and aiming for solely SFW content.

My main blog that these are attached to still needs some love in terms of updating. Somewhere in the back of my mind, there’s a voice saying that I didn’t really do anything productive today, but I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed.


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