A ray of sunshine


A love note from Frey:

No matter how close to the edge you get, you can’t deny that there’s a spark inside. A devotional hazard of so many Light affiliated People leaving hope, love, and stars in Their wake. Embrace that little spark instead of testing it.


Balancing Act

Things have been a bit shifty lately. I was told to introduce myself to the Netjeru, and I even have a few new tags / category between here and tumblr.

I’m allowed to leave things as they are on case the Netjeru come back, but they’ve currently left while I “balance my life”. An arrangement might’ve fallen through, or I’m just not ready, or something.


His shrine has gone through a bit of an update, particularly after being asked to disassemble for part of the summer. I’m still muddling through the mobile app, so I’m going to bypass on trying to link to the last incarnation.

The water bottle and most of the shells are from a friend’s trip to the Atlantic Ocean. The glass jar has some change, Frey’s prayer beads, and an acorn on top. The blue cup can hold offerings, and the sea side painting was done by me at some point in middle school.

It’s unofficially become a place for the Vanir as a whole, though I really only interact with a few by name (Frey, Freya, Sunna, Nott).

Memziri and the Jotnar

Initially I improvised a space for the Jotnar on Fire Howling.

Then I switched things up and wound up with something for my Jotnar dead. I usually just refer to them as Jotnar, but it’s a squishy line between Jotnar, Ancient ancestors, and other things related to manifesting in Midgard.

A stuffed cow that I saved from childhood (imaginatively named Cow). Elemental and Midgard associations. The radio pendant to help keep me here in Midgard. A sand art dinosaur made in my youth.

Sept Full Moon

Possible names include: Corn, Harvest, and Barley Moon. Mani indicated that He would like me to use “Harvest”, though I make no guarantee He’d want someone else to do the same. The following is a piece of sacred fiction.

. . .

The stalks of corn reflect the moonlight back a little too well. That must be why your mind shivers an image of bones over the top of them. The small gourds on the vines seem to roll like knuckles, and you step off the edge of the garden instinctively. The flash of silver in the corner of your eye was just moonlight, right?

The pens of history have never heard of what happens in the moonlight, but when my peers were given blood and flesh, do you think I said no?


The shrine for m’Lady, Sigyn, has been simplified since it was last pictured here.

A wooden bowl (different from last time) with braided yarn that used to represent water and air in an old elemental shrine. The glass with lady bugs and hearts, which holds a small heart. A notecard with one of the first prayers I used from “Staying Power” (I believe). The leaf is indeed heart shaped.

Animal Random Acts of Kindness

The morning of this past Sunday we found an orange tabby at the back door. It’s not uncommon for people to move out of the nearby rentals and let their cat loose, which is what we assume happened to this guy. He’s in the gangly kitten stage and isn’t neutered, so we’re not really sure that we’ll see a lot of him. We still put out some food and water, like we used to (the last cat stopped by mid June coincidentally enough).

Hail Freya, and welcome back.

Later that same day we saw a dog in the middle of the road on our way back from my grandparents house. He was on the yellow line of a state route (55 mph), so my mom pulled over and had me get him into the car. Because it was a Sunday, we couldn’t call or drop him off at the humane society so we had to wait until Monday morning. Half of his problem was that he’s a puppy; half of his problem was that he’s not neutered. The dog warden came by and took him in the afternoon, and he’ll hopefully be reunited with his family.

Hail Frey, and welcome back.

((Written 8.29.16, slight trouble with scheduling on the app led to a late posting.))