Awaken the Irish

I’ve been working on the show, Dancing at Lughnasa, that our company purposefully planned to coincide with the Dublin Irish Festival (Dublin, Ohio). The week fell so that La Lúnasa itself was Monday and the Irish Festival was that weekend.

I had some Irish People pass through, but I think it was more a matter of Lughnasa energy coalescing, if that makes sense. They’re welcome to stop by again, but apparently, I’m a shade off being compatible with Them for long-term sticking around.

The main thing that this has done is awaken my Irish dead. Due to call times and the actual run of the four shows we had that happened over the festival, I didn’t get a chance to walk around and see anything until Sunday (people had thinned out, so it wasn’t bad). It was the experience itself that they liked.

I visited the weaving tent, which took you through the whole process from spinning to all the work at the loom, and I could hear some of the harp from the next tent over. I didn’t bother picking up an actual map of the grounds, so I enjoyed happening upon the wake house. I took a copy of the basic info paper, which I’m thinking might get tucked somewhere on the shrine for a while.

You didn’t even have to be at the actual stage or tent to hear the bands / singers, and I didn’t even spend all the money I had allotted for picking up something. I know how yearly festivals work, and I knew going in that I had to stick to X amount of cash. I was debating between a t-shirt and getting some form of jewelry (wristbands, earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.), but I hadn’t really gone in with a definite idea of what I might want. I wound up getting a Claddagh ring and didn’t have quite enough to get a t-shirt as well, so I called it good on spending money.

A fair amount of blessings and sayings were passed around, particularly during some presentations, but there was something about the one that the man at that jewelry section used that stuck.

  • May you be buried in a coffin from a 100 year old oak tree that I’ll be planting tomorrow. – From the weaver.
  • You can’t start a tradition, and you can’t stop one. – The wake presenter, specifically talking about how priests couldn’t end the party aspect when they got back to being legally around.
  • Wear it in good health. – Jewelry guy.

(This post will obviously have been queued up after the festival has ended, and it will also be after the show closes.)


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