RHPS Dream

Another dream record hidden away in my “waiting to be transcribed to my Google doc” pile. Dated 10.23.16: Dream relating to Rocky Horror Picture Show (2016 remake).

My sister had dvr-ed Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again (the 2016 remake released this past fall), and while I knew some cultural references and recognized some gifs, it was my first experience with any version of RHPS. (I never got to see the annual live performance in Athens during undergrad, so I’m still a virgin for attending a show, particularly as it relates to the original.) The night my family watched it [10.21.16] I had a dream based on attending a show at some point in the future (based on which tattoos and piercings I already had in the dream).

It’s not going to get explicit, but it is going to get weird, so there’s a read more just in case.

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In the dream, it didn’t feel like my first time attending a show, but it had a feeling of being my first time in a large city audience. I could tell time and effort went into putting an outfit together before the night arrived, but I don’t really need to give a point by point description here. There was a tank styled binder with a top layer that didn’t completely cover it, make up and nail polish that are outside of my current comfort zone (spider web eye make up led to me wearing contacts instead of glasses, a first for me), platform boots, and other components that came together into what I’m hesitantly calling kinda modest, genderweird goth (ish).

I went to a club known for being BDSM friendly (I still had my collar for m’Lady on), and I was with a man dressed like Brad’s cabaret form with the black bathrobe to cover up with (it provided 1% heat as a jacket). We had an adrenaline / energy rush from the show, but we weren’t physically drunk / high, even though I was agreeing to an impulsive decision. He’d always wanted to get his nipples pierced, and I’d always wanted a hand tattoo (in dream location – palm).

I briefly mention pass thrus and cycling, but it was one of those weird, repetitive dreams where details change like I’m redoing from save points. As a dream with a message from Someone, the cycling could be a flag to look out for, a side message, or filler. Because I don’t have faces or names for the man and the tattoo artist, they were avatars for People (different Ones from one pass thru to another). The above ‘exposition’ info stayed the same throughout.

In the first ’pass thru’, the man didn’t get his nipples pierced but I did get the tattoo, and we went out to eat at a Chinese place. I wasn’t able to get myself home because I was crashing hard like I’d been drinking (dead sober tho), so he took me to his apartment. I needed to borrow a t-shirt to sleep in, and I wound up finding his collection of corsets and lingerie because he liked casually wearing these ‘women’s clothes’. Not like presenting femininely / womanly to others, and not like a fetish. He viewed himself as a cis man interested in cross-dressing, but not as a “genderfreak” – as a fellow audience member at the RHPS performance described themself (alt to a genderfucker, more or less).

Second pass thru, we had pot brownies in the audience during the dinner scene (afaik not an expected occurrence). The tattoo place was where I’ve been getting my other tattoos, and the tattoo artist knows me well enough to suspect I’m under something’s influence and schedules an appointment for my tattoo instead of doing it then. My companion does get his nipples pierced, however, and we get Chinese (no pain = I do better with chopsticks). 

Scene cut quality of time and location changing. I’m at the man’s apartment and he explains that he’s heteroflexible, having previously thought he was strictly het (it seemed like part of a conversation route and I just didn’t experience the prior moments instead of seeming creepy). We were having some sort of absurdly honest conversation in which the man was talking about discovering his flexibility in heteroflexibility.

Third pass thru, the man and I were both sober and had immediately gone to his apartment after the show. A particular Someone was using a sexual message to talk about something else, and there’s no good concise way to divorce the weird from the means of delivering the message. My hand is wrapped (got the tattoo) and unwrapped (no tattoo) at the same time in this pass thru.

Fourth pass thru, I wear a purple and black corset instead of a binder. I leave the club sober, and we go to the tattoo parlor where the artist recognizes me again. The time he says, “No, I can’t work on you because you’re energy-drunk and under the influence”. It feels like he’s gone through these cycles and disapproves of the man for encouraging reckless behavior. He tells me that I need to ground and tries to guide me with the surge protector / electrical method, but I pop the switch (too much energy). He realizes that I’m willing to get this tattoo because some part of me knows I seriously need to ground, and he makes me clean up (wash my face, remove most of the make up off, and change into jeans I had brought in a messenger bag). I didn’t switch to my glasses because I’d kept my eye make up, though.

My tattoo artist ordered Chinese take out, and I put on a t-shirt from the tattoo parlor over the corset (the male companion paid for the take out + t-shirt instead of covering the cost of the tattoo, which was part of his selling point from the beginning (I’d agreed partially to save myself money)). After the three of us eat, the tattoo artist tells the man to exchange contact info with me then leave. The man can tell he’s getting cockblocked but complies. Once the man leaves, I no longer feel like I’m slightly raised out of my head, like I’m floating but not full on OBE. My tattoo artist guides me on the electrical grounding method, and I don’t pop the switch (I don’t feel a tense crackling of excess energy caught in my system).

//End of dream//

In the first pass thru, the man was used by Loki to provide a weird friend who doesn’t get sexual but is still fun. Getting the tattoo had to happen at some point for the grounding message, so I honestly don’t blame this avatar for that reckless impulse decision. Someone else used the man in the rest, and more than one Person was behind the tattoo artist being a watchdog (role reprised in the fourth part in order to get the main message across). 

The main message is to be wary of getting energy drunk / high (best not to tempt impulsiveness and poor decision making). Top side message is that I need to update my wards (relating to the Person who took over the man avatar and dabbled in the unexpected).

Second side message is that Loki wants me to remember to do fun shit, like attending a RHPS performance, in addition to the life saving to do list, and He wants to remind me that I don’t have to limit myself to masculine things para to be non-binary. I can do things society reads as feminine like the make up, nails, corsets, lingerie, etc. and still be nb.

Loki also wants to claim the palm tattoo as a request (not set in stone as a devotional tattoo). Gender transgression as monster, Monstering gender (“what are you?”), genderfreak – I am a Monster, Other. A palm tattoo Others you, and it fits. Specifics of the design won’t be released until it’s much closer to being a reality, if it survives the vetting process.


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