Memo from Dad

Yes, another dream from the third of 2016 without laptop / wifi. This one is relatively less weird. Dated 10.31.16: Dream relating to prison.

A male teen was supposedly trick-or-treating as a “serial killer” with a face mask and a real knife. He didn’t say, “Trick or treat”, when I opened the door and instead raise the knife like he was going to stab me. I panicked, twisted his wrist so he’d drop the knife, and pushed / kicked him so he’d back up enough that I could close (and lock) the door. It wasn’t as clear cut cycle / repeat as some dreams, so sometimes details would just kinda change as I tried to explain what happened to other people in dream (push / kick, f’ex). Either way he fell backwards off the porch and hit his head on our concrete walkway (and sometimes had a sprained wrist).

His mother was watching from a bit of a distance and pressed charges; we live one house away from the sheriff’s department, so in dream they appeared to arrest and book me. I tried to plead to an assault charge, but because the guy died in the hospital several days later from brain swelling, his mother wanted to go for a murder charge (“I used undue force” and over-defended myself).

With repeats, the rulings and sentences changed; sometimes I plead to assault and sometimes I was found guilty of a lesser murder charge. At some point, I think someone was explaining that I could face 5 years of jail time, but I’m not 100% sure what the ultimate sentencing decision was (I did wind up in jail for murder, though). While in prison, I wrote to someone through a penpal service and got a chain tattoo around my neck with “Gleipnir” involved in the design somehow. //End//

While this does seem a bit alarming on the surface, at the time I wasn’t overly concerned about any foreshadowing. I wind up with the weird metaphor shit more so than anything relating to prophetic dreams. Around this time was also when I was mulling over the pros and cons of taking up letter writing at some point, so the main message was support from Fenrir (particularly if I go for a inmate penpal service).

This was also Fenrir’s way of dropping the idea of a devotional tattoo for Him, but I actually can’t get the exact tattoo from the dream. The name “Gleipnir” itself was incorporated into the design of the interlocked chain (no breaks or missing links; “eternally connected links”), which are both no-nos. Either one of these, but especially combining both, would lead to an energetic equivalent of Gleipnir. As a cub of Fenrir, I can’t handle that, and I would just wind up hurting the wolf in me in some way. The overall request has been noted, though, and we’ll work out details for something in the future.


3 thoughts on “Memo from Dad

  1. Oh yes, quite a metaphor. What you’ve described happening to you in your dream is pretty similar to what I believe happened to Fenrir. Provoked into a defensive response, being judged on trumped-up charges, having to endure being locked up for something that He never intended to do (or actually did). Losing a best friend in the process, no one to write or visit… But this is all just my UPG and how I understand the situation.
    Have you given any more though to a tattoo? 💜


    • I hadn’t really thought of any parallels to Fenrir’s situation, but it could be a partial contributor to why that theme was used. He used an avatar of someone already serving time talking to a loved one (the whole speaking via phone and hand on a glass barrier bit usually in movies) the last time I prodded the issue, so I don’t know if He wants to try to share a version unless it’s absolutely necessary to approaching something else.

      I have some ideas, but it’s one of a list of devotional tattoos tied into milestones, so I haven’t been able to get confirmation (People are focusing on the more recent ones, and I think this is being planned for “living 5 years” (2021), so He’s not rushing approving a design.)

      The current idea is a chain link necklace (like the dream) that stops at the shoulders with links burrowing into the skin (unsure on going in or out of skin). No idea if I want a phrase or His name on the back of my neck or not. It’d obviously not a fully connected chain, but a phrase would visually fill in the space (not sold on that).

      However, I also fell into really strong like with Kelly Doty’s watercolor wolf head on this past season of Ink Master (, so I’m not sure if I want something along those lines. The mixing of the pink, blue, and purple (bi and trans feels), and the nods to stars / space are tempting.

      But for a while, I also had this idea that the Pack generally supported involving a scene within a wolf paw print (possibly not the actual size of a print). The aurora borealis above a pine forest in the snow with a wolf howling (unsure if it’s an existing minimalist styled picture, but I can mentally see it more in that style than incredibly detailed).

      Someone else brought up getting a wolf paw print outline on my palm, and I can’t deny that it also works for Fenrir. Given that it falls under the “please come back later” category, I’m being allowed to bounce ideas without having to commit to just one yet. This is also why I’m getting approved one at a time, so I don’t rush out for too many at one time >.>

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