I decided to share a pc spell I created back in 2014. I’ll be slightly updating the linked to spell (not a direct copy+paste of directions). Pictures are near the end.

HP context: Avis creates a small flock of yellow canaries, and Hermione practiced this spell while trying to cheer herself up (Ron drama). Oppugno causes conjured objects to attack, which is how Hermione sicced the canaries on Ron. I took Avis in direction of cheering yourself up and offered a part two with Oppugno attacking with these cranes.

Tools: paper, knowledge of how to fold a paper crane, a writing utensil.

— Note: Any sized paper can be used to fold a paper crane as long as you first get a square, including 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper. A shade of yellow paper is a nice reference to the canaries, but I personally used a yellow writing utensil on white printer paper to make the same reference.

Optional: a means of storing (a jar) or hanging the cranes (a needle, thread, a hanger, etc.).


1: If you’re not working from an already square piece of paper like origami paper or a post-it, make sure the paper is square (or things get wonky while folding).

— Tip: You can imagine tearing away whatever has you down while tearing off the excess paper.

2: Write on your paper something that has made you happy in the past, will cheer you up now, or that you are looking forward to (future happiness).

— Personal note: I stuck very close to writing in the center and kept my writing short and to the point, so that I could fold the crane and keep the writing on the inside.

3: Fold a crane. (See instructions above.)

4: Draw or write something on the wings. This can be the word ‘happiness’, or a sigil you create, or even a smiley face.

— Tip: If you don’t want to deal with the curvature of the final wings, you can pause in folding to do this (the larger downward facing triangle in step 14 of the above directions will become the top of your wing).

5: If you haven’t already puffed out the crane so it can sit on its own, do so now. If you have, just sit it upright on its own. Say, “Avis”.

You can stop at one crane or keep going. Store the cranes for as long as you’d like. I’d personally thank the cranes before disposing of them, but you do you. Disposal methods vary for each person, but I’d consider recycling for this.

Optional: Storing the cranes. Some people like to keep folded cranes in jars, but I listed hanging supplies for a mobile as a reference to the original spell. You can fold and hang one crane at a time to raise your spirits over several occasions, or you can fold several and hang them all at once.

Note, YMMV: This spell will eventually lose its charge if you’re storing the cranes (for me, this set in 6 months to a year after creation (I never took this with me during college, so I don’t know the exact time it lost its charge)). I’d personally create a sigil that can act as a battery recharger, in a manner of speaking, if I were redoing this spell.

tumblr_inline_n5hp0kL9iB1rl4543[1] (An old webcam picture)

When I did this, I wrote “Avis” on each wing of the largest crane at the top, and each descending crane has a letter on each wing. I changed this up by saying, “Avis” before folding the first crane and after folding the last smallest one, and I wrote everything out on the wings after connecting the cranes.

As I mentioned above, I used white printer paper and a yellow writing utensil, but I also happened to have some yellow balloon string. The top crane is the size of the first and largest square from printer paper, and the rest of the cranes are the same size and from the strip of paper at the bottom (from the trimming stage of the first crane). The smaller cranes are connected to the largest with thread I had on hand.

The following is a compilation of shots from a photography assignment (hanging in a different location than the webcam).


Unexpected coal feels

Sometimes, I just watch shows on tv a bit randomly, like, the trailer seemed interesting, or it’s on a channel I watch with my family already. We’d been seeing trailers for From the Ashes a documentary on Nat Geo that looks at America’s relationship to coal, so we went ahead and gave it a shot tonight (9 – 10:30 pm with no commercials).

I wasn’t expecting this weird ache to set in. On the one hand, I definitely support efforts to reduce carbon emissions and not fuck over our planet. On the other hand, I can feel this sense of sadness. My dad’s side is from coal country in PA, and coal was pretty much the only job source in that town. It sucks that small, often rural towns that lost their peak job source years ago feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. It hurts that townspeople get stuck with the shitty side effects of pollution and water contamination. Mostly, I don’t want Appalachia to get fucked over by the transition to renewable energy (thanks, Appalachian Regional Commission).

So, instead of just sitting through an informative documentary, I got hit with some ancestor feels and reminded of how gray this issue can be.

plamen update

I can feel that I’m curled up in the fetal position on a wood floor. I’m not entirely sure why I’m waking up until I taste sherbert – my body remembers the harsh edge of vodka and how I pushed my body on survival; my muscles remember the ache in my torso as my body dutifully worked at expelling all of the poison I’d thrown at it. My eyes fly open – not unlike gaining consciousness in the ER bed with no control over my body’s activities – but it’s a muscle level flashback.

I’m alone and lying on a dark wood floor. Outside of arm’s reach, a broken bottle of Fireball whiskey that looks like it was never opened. I slowly crawl around the liquid and reach for the larger pieces of bottle very sure that I don’t want to just leave broken glass on the floor. My stomach muscles contract again (muscle level flashback), and I know that I’m not supposed to touch the bottle.

Pijača certainly made an impression as she left (I usually don’t get dreams that pull from my memories this vividly). I don’t feel like I’m in danger of repeating the questionable alcoholic overdose scenario from about a year ago (mentioned a while back, but definitely not new news here) right now, but my People want me to err on the side of caution for the foreseeable future. With Pijača gone, I don’t know if They’re uneasy at the lack of supervision or what. Just consistently getting a “come back after getting your mental illness ducks in a row” response.