Body as Shrine

I’ve been sitting on a request since January of this year (7 months and counting) to include treating my body as a shrine in my path. I’m not new to the idea, and I’ve seen some people who mention this in relation to self care on my tumblr dash before, but I haven’t quite gotten to a full scale implementation. There wasn’t one sole reason for this, tbh, but it’ll help to bring seemingly unrelated debt and requests together I think.

[Text post from tumblr user @dattebayo-basa: my body isn’t a temple, it’s a condemned building covered in prophecies in the form of graffiti. my soul is a shrine made of garbage and neon and i am holy, hallelujah. (Source.)]

Stand before an ancient rock face and look at the handprints

[Cross posted and backdated from a sideblog. Originally posted on 15 July 2017 and tagged for Eve.]

User fallensuggestion:

“stand before an ancient rock face and look at the handprints. here, we were here, long ago. feel the old familiarity, and the distance. if an angel passed by, on their way to somewhere else, somewhere beyond the reach of heaven’s gaze, would they have stopped, placed a human-shaped hand upon the rock, matched the fresh shadow of someone’s hand fingertip for fingertip, and marvel?”