Masterpost for Beginning Beekeepers



Here is a list of free online e-books and Youtube channels that beginning beekeepers might find helpful! 

Beekeeping for Dummies (2nd edition)

Backyard Beekeeping

Beekeeping Basics

4H Beekeeping Manual

Hive Guide (Guide to the different hive types)

How To Install A Package of Bees 

Honey Bee Basics with Illustrations 

Youtube Channels/Videos


Backyard Beekeeping


Beekeeping For Beginners

Starting Beekeeping 

Inside a Bee Hive (Movie)

Keeping Bees

Top Bar Hive Basics

I hope this is useful! This is primarily how I learned about beekeeping, I spent hours watching videos, movies and presentations and learned as much as I could. 

Good luck to all the newbees out there!