Vikings + Headcovering

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Do any Heathens out there practice any sort of veiling/religious attire? I know veiling is somewhat common in Hellenic Polytheism, and I’m curious if those of us on the Germanic side of the world had anything similar going on. Seems like there isn’t any historical precedent, not that one is necessarily required.

Maybe I’m just watching too much Vikings, but I feel like a braid of some kind could be a possibility…


Historical Heathens actually did sometimes wear various types of headcoverings back in the day, because it’s cold there and sometimes it’s just practical to keep your hair out of your face. That said, it’s pretty uncommon for modern Heathens to do it for religious reasons.

I’m pretty sure @sigynsdottir covers for secular purposes and has a bunch of resources on covering in a culturally/religiously sensitive way, so they might be worth talking to.

As for other religious attire, wearing a mjolnir pendant is both a historical and modern thing. Some (mostly American) kindreds wear period garb to gatherings, but that’s far from universal.


This is my main resource for Viking headcoverings from a historical perspective. The main question that comes up from it is whether it’s pre or post Christian ultimately. It would make sense that it may not be, as covering your head for warmth would make sense in the region.

It’s still very common in European folk costume, so it’s not unprecedented to do it outside Muslim or Jewish contexts. Most are probably from Chrsitian-era covering norms, but if you want the pagan origins you can find PDFs of this book online about the Greek origins of it. (I have one I could email you, but I know I got it online… somewhere…)

As for sensitivity to other cultures, I’ve written about that a lot before under my headcovering tag on here. If you have other specific questions, just let me know! I enjoy answering asks about it and would be willing to talk on Tumblr messenger as well if you wish.

I mostly cover for secular reasons because none of my Gods ever showed interest in it as a devotion but it still benefits me personally. Others have had Gods show interest, so – it may depend on your relationship in question. If I can’t or don’t want to cover at the moment, braids are my most common second option.

Oddly from everything I’ve read (and I don’t have the sources for it right now) the TV show Vikings is as accurate historically as we can get to period hairstyles and they’re also very fun and not that hard to do. This lady on Youtube has good tutorials on how to copy the hairstyles from the show. Given how most Heathens I know engage with their Gods, they’d probably be just fine with it.

Bee Friend



I went to the farmer’s market yesterday and at the honey guy’s booth and there were all these bees just hangin out.  Checking out the beeswax tabs, floating around the honey jars, not being aggressive, just really gentle and investigating or something

and as he was giving me a sample of the wildflower honey one of them landed on his hand and he just took a drop from the jar and dabbed it on his hand for the bee, and when I asked if they were his bees he said “No, but they show up every time I come out, I think they just know my truck” and this guy is well-known among the local bees and lets them sit on his hand and eat his honey and I just really like the bee guy

What more of an endorsement could you hope for