Cherishing Monsters for Their Uniqueness

[Cross posted and backdated from a sideblog. Originally posted 15 June 2018 and tagged #comfort in hell.]

user lizardywizard:

i promise i will stop talking monsters soon but like

i want to cherish monsters for their uniqueness not change them

i want to approach the monster who lives in the cave and instead of ~drawing them out into the light~ i want to learn what it’s like for them in the dark

i want black leather scale-plates oiled to a fine sheen to be respectable dinner attire without having to force the monster into a cravat

i want to learn love from them because soft-bodied warlike primates aren’t the sole keepers of understanding on love

Arm Tie (photo)

[Cross posted and backdated from a sideblog. Originally posted on 2 June 2014 and tagged #Lady of Knots. Afaik, the source is the user’s blog, and the link is below the image. Another clothed model, but this time it’s from a workshop.]



Photo & Rope : Akira Naka

Model : Iroha Shizuki

Akira Naka Workshop Berlin 2014