2019 Divination

These are the cards drawn for the overall year of 2019. Deck: Flowers of the Night Oracle from Cheralyn Darcey.


Dark Moon – Positive

Night Blooming Daylily (Creation)

Creativity in all its forms, including the creation of partnerships, friendships, and romantic matchings, as well as physical artistic and creative pursuits are all inspired under the energy of this flower.


Full Moon – Be Wary Of

Rain Lily (Restore)

There is a change for the better coming, an opening up to new possibilities, and you are right on the path to benefit. Things are moving now, and the direction is in your favor, but you must be prepared to compromise a little. The timing may not be exactly to your liking, but the outcome will be worth any extra waiting or work on your part. Challenges are over-reactions and hastiness.


3 thoughts on “2019 Divination”

    1. Thanks. I backed the Kickstarter (mentioned in a post in Jan 2017), but I didn’t realize until this post that I hadn’t shared any photos yet. I have a goal penciled into my to-do list for the year to share the monthly photos as 2019 progresses, so there’ll be more.

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