Someone filled my prompt (!)

Collection: trans_positivity_fiction

Prompt: Trans Witch, Wizard, or Wix

Fandom: Harry Potter – J. K. Rowling

Tags: Marauders’ Era, During Canon, First War with Voldemort, Post-First War with Voldemort, Not Epilogue Compliant, Queer Friendly

Summary: Posting for my own accountability to finish a plotbunny. Open to any relationship type (M/M, F/F, Multi, etc.). I haven’t specified characters, but I would like to see minor or background characters, especially someone other than the Trio if the character is a student at Hogwarts.

I haven’t specified Gen as a category, but for those erring towards Mature and Explicit, please avoid cross-generational ships, Teacher/student, and incest. I would ideally like to see something that isn’t torture porn or abusive, and canon can certainly be tweaked to avoid character death, especially if dealing with the Second War.


Fulfilled by:

From the earth to the fire by  ichor (sbzpruiosnejre)

  • Gen | No Archive Warnings Apply | Complete
  • Ships: Padma Patil & Parvati Patil, Lavender Brown & Parvati Patil
  • Characters: Parvati Patil, Padma Patil, Lavender Brown
  • Tags: Trans Female Character, Minor Canonical Character(s)
  • Summary: A piece exploring Parvati Patil as she begins a new life: at Hogwarts, as a Gryffindor, as a girl.

It’s a really nice oneshot from Parvati’s POV that alternates between the summer before her First Year and just after getting Sorted. It feels nicely low stakes compared to going up against societal limitations or life-or-death stakes. Yes, there’s concern over getting a place in the girls dormitory and an instance of deadnaming, but it feels realistic for a First Year’s perspective. The details with the Patil family, the references to Parvati’s relationship to femininity, the equal weight to her twin bond altering from split Sorting. As I left in my comment, “I can’t leave enough kudos on this fic.”

@ichor responded, “I wanted to bring something that touches on those small moments you get when everybody is trying to be supportive, but ultimately are unable to help the odd slip-up. I didn’t want everything to be alright but I didn’t want Parvati to be weighed down and feeling alone. That kind of loneliness of being the only one who knows how it feels is a whole other thing.”


Why share here?

1) A story with a trans headcanon + no angst / suffering / death = Scratches a nice itch.

[ETA (Aug 2019): I have a different story that’s going to fill this prompt (featuring genderfluid!Tonks), but I’m leaving this info here.]

2) I, uh, should get back to my fic that prompted this. #Rat Fic on tumblr (under Writing Projects >> Other Writing Projects >> Rats here on WP).

3) Admittedly, my fic has a lot going on other than the trans HC, and the main POV isn’t even the trans character (I suspect some don’t want to read Snape POV, even if it’s a Fix-It). So, I’m debating how best to pull out the trans specific portions into their own fic (Ch 1?) and tweak to Charity’s POV (Ch 2?).

4) The whole process of Charity wanting Snape to help figure out a partial Transmogrification Potion that affects certain areas instead of doing the full kit’n’kaboodle is a direct parallel to how some trans people don’t want the typical MtF/FtM transition arc covered by the media. It’s pure wish fulfillment to just handwave all dysphoria relieving and transition topics away because Magic, so I have some thoughts for realistically not-simple and not-instantaneous but still possible magic.

I just have a lot of Feelings about how fictional magical worlds can include trans people without it being “unrealistic”.

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