Loki’s Virtual Temple – July video

While I am aware that this post is several years old by the time I’m reblogging it, it’s easier to listen to Someone’s prodding.

The Road, the Walker, and What Comes Next

It took me an extra couple weeks to get around to filming Loki’s temple video for July but it’s finished and available. If you’ve enjoyed using these videos for contemplation, prayer, spellwork, ritual, or simply relaxation please share them with others. You can also create your own virtual temple videos and share them online as part of the Virtual Temple Project.

Video financial record for July:

  • Costs
    Incense: $10
    Flowers: $5
    Tea $3
  • Income
    Donations: none

If you would like to sponsor offerings of candles, incense, or flowers these are just $10 and you receive a portion of that month’s offerings for your own devotional work. The money covers the price of the item and the cost of shipping goods to you (US shipping is currently only available). You can also make one-time or recurring donations to make this project possible; just use the Paypal donation button on the right…

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