PCOS Awareness Month

At the end of 2019, I hesitantly pencilled into my Google doc of writing ideas that I would like to post about PCOS. I aimed for coming up with one post a month for 2020, and then I got sidetracked by a global pandemic and other events. So, I’m changing things slightly by starting in September and hopefully getting to September 2021.

I’ve found mention of September being PCOS Awareness Month prior to US federal recognition in 2017, but I’ve got to admit that I don’t really feel comfortable wading through the ‘cyster / cysterhood’ and ‘fight like a girl’ material to get to any timelines, an explanation for why teal is the awareness color, or why September is the specific month. I tend to get redirected to PCOS Challenge for US information, and despite a hint that Verity started with an awareness week in the UK in 2010, most searches still seem to focus on the current awareness month.

I can’t say it’s impossible to find this information. I’m just not having much luck with trying to weed out 2020 events, Wear Teal For Me / Reveal the Teal, and trying to avoid most promotional material focusing on cis women as the only ones “suffering” from PCOS. I did find a historical tidbit that the earliest known reference to what we now call PCOS comes from 1721 in Italy, though (PCOS wiki source). There’s also something moderately funny sounding about using the name Stein-Leventhal Syndrome from 1935.