Alias: Briar Fenrirsson

Pronouns: They / Their

Education status: Two Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFAs) from Ohio University in two areas of Theater. Graduated 2016.

Gender: Nonbinary trans person (genderqueer and genderfluid) who is primarily closeted with irl people (for safety reasons).

Depending on how snarky I feel, I may answer “wibbly-wobbly, gendery-wendery” instead.

Sexuality: Queer / Bi.

When communicating with others irl, I tend to stick to the general label, tbh. I personally define bi as “attracted to more than one gender”, but there are other non-binary inclusive variations that people may use.

Romantic orientation: Biromantic.

Sexual orientation: Gray-asexual.

I personally don’t tend to lead with being somewhere on the ace spectrum because I’m honestly not in the mood to be everyone’s educating moment irl. A rough summary of gray-asexuality would be somewhat like “can experience sexual attraction, but there’s an asterisk about the circumstances”.


Mentally ill (something that includes depression, which previously fit a seasonal pattern and no longer does). Kink friendly (not necessarily a focus on this blog, but I drew on knowledge / info about human dynamics when approaching devotional dynamics; also, non-sexual kink does exist). Polyamorous friendly (some polyam models are helpful when looking at devotional relationships with People). Fledgling Goth (not as new as a baby bat, basically). Everyone keeps calling me a Millennial, and I’ll probably be old as balls before there’s a clear division between Gen Y / Z because I’m right on the straddling line with some of the various definitions now.

. . .

Accurate as of July 2017.


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