Alias: Briar Fenrirsson

Pronouns: They / Their

Education status: Two Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFAs) from Ohio University in two areas of Theater. Graduated 2016.

Gender Identity: Trans

Nonbinary. Personally, the descriptions of genderqueer and genderfluid feel most fitting at this writing, but I don’t often go poking around incredibly specific labels.

Depending on how snarky I feel, I may answer “wibbly-wobbly, gendery-wendery” instead.

Sexual Orientation: Queer

I am aware that queer was a slur, and some people don’t want to personally reclaim this word, but the community wide work to reclaim queer was already started before I was born. Queer is broad enough to encompass my questioning, different specific labels over time, fluctuating understanding of gender, and still communicate that I am not straight.

Noteworthy: Ace spectrum

I’m somewhere between allosexual (sexual attraction) and asexual (none), so I’ve felt comfortable calling myself gray-asexual for a while now. My sexual attraction rate / degree / intensity has varied and been influenced by other things over time (body dysphoria, depression), but I’m honestly not quite sure if aceflux fits enough to specify that or tell people just yet.

Romantic Orientation: Biromantic

I’ve wound up in spaces where there’s an overlap in bi / pan or personal distinctions, and I’ve gone back and forth over time. Some of this has to do with differences in irl interactions and tumblr (where there can be particular distinctions between the two), and I had most recently returned to bi, “attraction to 2 or more genders”, to counteract some of the incorrect transphobic associations I’d been running into. On a theoretical level, I can jive with “attraction regardless of gender”, but realistically, I find that my attraction to men fluctuates or is simply an aesthetic attraction rather than anything further.

Noteworthy: Aro spectrum

Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s trying to not prioritize a romantic ship above every other possible relationship, a combination of factors leading me to think a romantic ship isn’t “likely” with someone like me, not trying to start a romantic ship while I’m trying to get my shit together, or sometimes getting overwhelmed by society shoving amatonormativity down my throat, but I’m not sure if aroflux might fit. I like the idea of having a romantic partner, I’m not actively avoiding it (not romance repulsed), but I’m also doing surprisingly alright single and actually haven’t dated. It’s not something I’ve really dug into, and I definitely haven’t told irl people, but sometimes it percolates and influences thoughts.

Relationship Style: Poly-flexible

Also: Mentally ill (a mixture of anxiety and something that includes depression). Kink friendly (switchy; also, non-sexual kink does exist). Fledgling Goth (not as new as a baby bat, basically). Everyone keeps calling me a Millennial, and I’ll probably be old as balls before there’s a clear division between Gen Y / Z because I’m right on the straddling line with some of the various definitions now.

. . .

Accurate as of 30 Dec 2018.

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