Alias: Briar Fenrirsson

Pronouns: They / Their

Education status: Two Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFAs) from Ohio University in two areas of Theater. Graduated 2016. [Relevant if you browse old content or I reference undergrad.]

Gender Identity: Trans

Nonbinary. Personally, the descriptions of genderqueer and genderfluid feel most fitting at this writing, but I don’t often go poking around incredibly specific labels.

Depending on how snarky I feel, I may answer “wibbly-wobbly, gendery-wendery” instead.

Orientation: Queer

I am aware that queer was used as a slur, and some people don’t want to personally reclaim this word, but the community wide work to reclaim queer was already started before I was born. Queer is broad enough to encompass my questioning, different specific labels over time, fluctuating understanding of gender, and still communicate that I am not straight.

(In the past, I have used bi and pan, and I’ve also used them interchangeably. It can vary on the people I’m around, the survey options available, the rural vs city scene, online vs irl differences, and generational differences in using bi. Sometimes, I still dip into these options when ‘queer’ isn’t available.)

Noteworthy: Gray-ace

My sexual attraction rate / degree / intensity has varied and been influenced by other things over time (ex. body dysphoria), but I’m not going to deny that older posts may use different labels, especially if you poke around on different tumblr blogs. I generally don’t disclose this outside of providing context for interacting with certain ace content because I don’t consider myself the best example for the ace community, and I’d rather avoid becoming a teaching moment where I have to explain how I’m not like most aces to someone.

Noteworthy: Aro spectrum

The best way I can describe it right now – after certain life-changing events, I “lost” the ability to clearly differentiate between when I was feeling something that was romantic or platonic, like damaging an internal sensor. I didn’t lose the sensor, but I can’t read the screen anymore; I suspect wires are now jumbled together, and I’m not sure if “non-normative” romantic expression is setting off unclear results. I would say that I’m greyro (or grayromantic) and quoiromantic in terms of recognized labels.

A-spec intracommunity note: I try to keep aro-spec blogging on one tumblr dash where it’s separate from the ace blogging on another because I don’t connect being aro and being ace. I don’t call myself aroace; when I’m in an ace area, I refer to myself as gray-ace and that’s it, and when I’m in an aro area, I only refer to myself as greyro, quoiromantic, and/or aro-spec. I’d rather opt out of describing my sexuality in the aro community to the extent that I can.

Relationship Style: Poly-flexible

I’m certainly open to polyamory, but I haven’t had experience with a polycule of any sized arrangement to determine if I’m actually a good fit. While I tend to be around online people who also dip into and overlap with relationship anarchy (RA), I haven’t really tried RA myself.

Also: Mentally ill (a mixture of anxiety and something that includes depression). Kink friendly (switchy; also, non-sexual kink is a thing, platonic D/s is a thing, a-spec friendly BDSM isn’t impossible). Fledgling Goth (not as new as a baby bat, basically). Everyone keeps calling me a Millennial, and I’ll probably be old as balls before there’s a clear division between Gen Y / Z because I’m right on the straddling line with some of the various definitions now.

. . .

Accurate as of 10 Sept 2019.

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