For the most part, I’m not overly compatible with this portion of the Norse pantheon.

  • Those Who are still here: Thor.
  • Those Who I have debt to: Odin and Frigga.
  • Those I acknowledge (technically not “here”): Sleipnir.

Thor is a bit hard to describe. He’s just sort of always been willing to share a drink and take a “Hail” when it rains. The post serving as a glimpse of how I’ve interacted with Him so far is here with a bit of an update here.

I used to interact with Odin as laid out here as the Face of Valkjosandi, “Chooser of the Slain”. A new Face turned my way as laid out here, Karl (Old Man), which has also left. Frigga was added in this summer [2015] and is covered in this post here.

Sleipnir’s post is here.


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