Devotional Power Dynamics (2015)

[Edited Dec 2018: This page was written in and accurate as of July 2015, but I’m keeping it in place for archival purposes. This information was based on me trying to figure out two devotional dynamics at that time, so I cannot guarantee it will be applicable to other devotees. Sigyn and Mani explicitly drew from primary/secondary aspects of polyamorous hierarchies, which also may come through in discussing negotiations and contracts. These dynamics have since ended and I personally no longer use “Dom*”.]

Devotional power dynamics are devotional relationships with Deities, Spirits, Higher Powers, etc. that incorporate Dominance / submission [D/s] power dynamics. These dynamics can be adapted from human power dynamics in the BDSM world, but this doesn’t mean that a Power won’t come up with something that doesn’t appear in the known human choices. I’m more familiar with Deities engaging in these types of relationships, so I will use ‘Deity’ going forward, but that doesn’t mean that other Entities won’t show interest in these.

I personally use Dom* for Dominants of any gender, though it’s more common to see Dom/me with a certain gender in examples. Most often, examples use male pronouns for Dominants and female pronouns for submissives, but anyone regardless of gender orientation can be either one (or a switch). Anyone can be a Dom* or sub regardless of sexual orientation, as well, even though you typically run into heterosexual examples first.

Due to length, I will be splitting up what I’ve compiled into parts. These will be shared as posts then pages off this drop down menu. Links for the posts will be added as they’re shared. The masterpost (as a post, not a page) is here.

  • Part One – the variety of power dynamics
  • Part Two – the dynamic being in place 24/7 or not
  • Part Three – refusability / consent
  • Part Four – romantic and/or sexual interest
  • Part Five – rules, contracts, and negotiation
  • Part Six – breaking the rules and what may be a consequence (or may not be)
  • Part Seven – several topics (switching, involving multiple Deities, a Deity wanting to involve [x, y, z], and control)
  • Part Eight – a bit on getting started or determining interest

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