Festival of Gratitude

Date: Autumnal Equinox

Hantameren (from the [Tolkien] Elvish thanks hanta + feast / festival meren) [hah-n-tuh mare-in].

As far as Nornoriel describes this day, it’s low-key and similar to Thanksgiving. Sharing a meal, particularly with family, is the main component with setting out lanterns as the blessings of the past year done as well.

Suggestions for observing this holy day (adapted from pg 348):

  • Light candles or lanterns with a citizen from the Realm and break bread in fellowship. It may be the two of you, or you may be given an invitation to visit Their family celebration.
  • Light candles or lanterns at your home in Midgard.
  • Share food and drink with your spirits, Deities, etc. thanking Them for the gifts They have given you and as a gesture of fellowship.

I’m aware that I’m sharing this information late for this holy day. This year I was busy with days of brainweasel preparation and management (for going into autumn and winter), so this post will probably be more helpful for next year.

The priests (Who are not referred to as Queen / King in my practice) thank Star Mother and Horn Father for Their blessings and ask for them to continue. Small lanterns are released into the sky for Star Mother and hung on trees for Horn Father, and then the rest of the day is sharing a meal with your family.

For me, this translates to sharing the energy of a meal with Someone (or more than One). Last year it was Njord, and this year it was a general offering to the Vanir. I can certainly continue this part of the observing the day, but I can also consider any of the following for next year.

  • Draw out a candle or lantern, specifically tailored for the day.
  • Put out a lantern (or string of them), ideally with a star or leaf theme.
  • Write out a list of things I’m been gifted and/or am thankful for.
  • Weather appropriate, stargaze or try to watch a meteor shower.
  • Create or renew something that shows my connections with Everyone I interact with.


While the basic info comes from Visions of Vanaheim, I do have personal deviations (upg). Particularly in the non-English name and the names / actions of the priests for this day.


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