Green Awakening

Date: Spring Equinox

Tuwenya-cuivië (from the [Tolkien] Elvish green wenya + spring, sprout tuia + awakening cuivië) [twhen-yuh cue-vee-ay].

Nornoriel describes the activities as there being a bonfire for burning away the year’s negativity the night before, fire dancing / spinning, and watching the Hare Tribe dance throughout the realm on the day of (their dancing helps flowers to bloom).

These basics are still true for my practice, and I’m honestly not getting very much beyond this. I keep getting indications of a dance party, basically.

. . .

Ways to observe in Midgard:

  • Burn away the past year’s negativity and grieve on the night before (whether a bonfire, candle, or something else is used).
  • Dancing and music to help with grieving are not discouraged, though it depends on your personal preferences.
  • An offering for the Hare Tribe on the day of – food / drink, dancing, noticing flowers in your area, etc.
  • Watching someone fire dance or spin fire, if you don’t have the training for it.
  • Dance. Listen to music. Attend a concert.