Jotnar Year

A brief summary of these holy days that fall under UPG (no one else has to do anything, or really, even acknowledge these because they only affect my path).

  • Aug 31st – the Fire Howling.

The Fire Howling is a day of cleansing and the equivalent of New Year’s Day; the 30th is the equivalent of New Year’s Eve.

  • Autumnal Equinox – the Bones of Prey.

The Bones of Prey honors all Prey species and those who give their life so that others may live with some sort of sacrifice by the priest of each Tribe / Family.

  • Nov 3rd – the Howls of Winter.

The Howls of Winter marks the beginning of winter and honors those who have died in the past year (from the start of the last year’s winter until now with the increased winds of the season being ‘the howls of the ancestors’).

  • Winter Solstice – Gnawed Bones.

Gnawed Bones is a Yule celebration, though it doesn’t last 12 days as some other Yule celebrations may. It celebrates the survival of winter so far and seeks to ensure survival until spring.

  • Spring Equinox – the Howls of Spring.

The Howls of Spring celebrates a tapering off of winter and the beginning of spring (the winds of spring blow in hard and strong, howling). It’s often very festive to celebrate surviving the winter.

  • May 3rd – Rising of Our Stars.

The Rising of Our Stars celebrates the beginning of summer and family. (It’s like a family reunion on steroids.)

  • Summer Solstice – the Cleaning of Fishbones.

The Cleaning of Fishbones celebrates the many types of harvesting that sustains the Jotun Tribes throughout the year. It depends on the Tribe as to which harvest is the priority, so Tribe specific observances frequently happen throughout the summer and autumn based on when the Tribe needs to perform rites.

  • Aug 1st – the Cleaning of Antlers.

The Cleaning of Antlers signals the end of summer and beginning of autumn, though not all of the Realms (Jotunheim, Niflheim, and Muspelheim) experience signs of autumn this early.