Lights of Remembrance

Date: Oct 31st

Rînelena (from the [Tolkien] Elvish remembrance rîn + of the stars elena) [r-in el-eh-nuh].

According to Nornoriel, a large ritual is held where the names of Anyone Who has died is read, candles are lit, and then the list is burned. This fire from the list burning is used to spin / dance, which helps to guide the souls to the afterlife. This ritual is led by the Raven tribe, particularly a certain group within (White Ravens).

From what People have been able to convey to me, this basic information is correct for me to use. In addition to the non-English name for this holy day and the actions of the priests (not referred to as Queen / King in my practice), I do have additional personal deviations.

This ritual is tailored for Realm wide catharsis and healing, so attendance of the ritual is limited to citizens of Vanaheim, dignitaries / ambassadors, and those who have been explicitly invited by a citizen of Vanaheim. Making sure that there’s room for all attendees is the main reason for this ritual to not be completely open to the public.

This ritual is the main event, but each Tribe also has a remembrance ceremony as well. These traditions and associated rituals may be public knowledge, or may be private to those within the Tribe. Families usually share a meal, but it depends on Their Tribal traditions. Depending on Who you interact with, this may also affect what you can do to observe this day. Some set out food and drink that’s solely for the dead, Some consume favorite dishes of the dead, and Some fast (with certain traditional foods to break this fast).

If you’ve received indication that it’s a good time to honor your own dead, this day could be appropriate for that. You can put out food or consume offerings (or however you deal with edible offerings). Listening to music, watching an enjoyed movie or tv show, and all kinds of activities that your dead enjoyed can be done. It may depend on how well you know Anyone considered / allied with the Vanir, as to whether these activities would mesh with observing Their activities.

While I give due honor and attention to different Tribes throughout the year, I interact the most with the Boar Tribe (Deities known to be Vanir) and the Bee Tribe (a spirit-friend). Boar traditions are kept within the Tribe, and only the main ritual (and lighting a candle in Midgard) may be done by someone who is not a Boar. In the Bee Tribe, a small fast is maintained through a private ceremony then broken by somehow consuming black honey (specifically tailored to honoring the dead, which may be eaten at other times of the year as well). I would have to consult said spirit-friend before approaching Bee traditions.

I have this hard to describe impression that the priests do something in relation to Star Mother and Horn Father for this holy day, but I don’t think I can fully know what They do. It’s not a matter of this information being private so much as it’s not easily conveyable to me. Something along the lines of stars being our ancestors and you (whoever has passed on) will join them until you can return to us, and Star Mother will remember and cherish you. There’s some sort of decomposition angle with Horn Father and your body being reused with respect, but it feels like these are large concepts that I can’t fully wrap my brain around right now.