Lights of the Phoenix

Date: Summer Solstice

Lair’rulóci-elena (from the [Tolkien] Elvish fire-dragon urulóci + of the stars elena + summer lairë) [lair-roo-low-see el-eh-nuh].

Nornoriel attributes various ritual sex to this day between the King, Queen, and their consorts, however I don’t interact with these People as Nornoriel does. It does seem to be a popular time for weddings, as Nornoriel includes.

On the level of Dignitaries and Rulers, this day is when the priests for Horn Father and Star Mother are consulted for big picture readings concerning the status and future of the Realm. Questions of the health of the Realm and the connections to other Realms are looked at, and the matter of compensational offerings are figured out.

On the level of the Tribes, priests for Star Mother and Horn Father can be consulted for any manner of divination, oracle work, channeling, etc. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to topic, and the difference between this day and any other day seems to be that there are so many more available priests on this day (questions may be asked as long as there is sunlight on this day).

On the level of towns and families, this is a popular time for weddings, blessing the land, and however ‘bringing forth abundance’ can be interpreted. Family celebrations are common, farmers often work during the extra hours of sunlight, and there can be a party atmosphere in a lot of places. Vigils are often held into the night to keep the energy of sunlight going.

. . .

Ways to observe in Midgard:

  • Divination and consulting Horn Father and Star Mother.
  • Celebrating a wedding, or some sort of family celebration.
  • Land blessings or “bringing forth abundance” magic.
  • Share food / drink with Someone.
  • Vigil during the night doing something creative.
  • Hailing Sunna.