m’Lady Sigyn

I may refer to Sigyn as m’Lady or m’Lady Sigyn. I started on the path of Norse polytheism by reaching out to Her, and even though I do continue to interact with Others (inside and outside of the Norse pantheon), I still consider Her to be my focus and foundation.

This is the current edition of how I’ve interacted with Her so far [here], where I’ve introduced that I’m in a devotional power dynamic with Her: I am currently a slave-in-training. An update is here, where I introduce Her wanting to include marriage (sometime in the future) and changes to the Midgard elements.

. . .

Notable UPG:

For me, Sigyn is the offspring of a Mountain Jotun (father) and one of the Aesir (mother). She was kicked out by Her mother and found Her way to Njord, Who raised Her in His hall in Asgard. The Face of Sigyn I interact with does not claim Her Aesir heritage and leans more towards Jotnar / adoptive Vanir, though She isn’t recognized as being fully adopted by Everyone.


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