Other Writing Projects

For projects that don’t have writing project tags or posts here.

1) Step 1: Honesty

Veela!Draco and Mate!Harry. Harry doesn’t experience the typical forewarning of a mate and accidentally accepts Draco’s courting feather after the war. Without the knowledge of how to properly end a Veela courtship, Harry rejects Draco and drives him into a fully feral state, which lands the two of them in Spring Thermals Raptor Rehabilitation Center.

2) Grey Shades of Love

Severus Snape Fix-It (matures beyond his childhood crush on Lily), Peter Pettigrew Fix-It (Witch’s Familiar Talisman renders control over an Animagus), and delves into why Charity Burbage considered Severus a friend. Presents Charity as a trans witch who takes Transmogrification Potion (HRT proxy).