The start of my–angel–of–music


“Someone else may be my rose, but you’re my lilac.”

…That’s an awfully specific phrase to just appear in a dream….




*flips table*

I don’t understand what lilac means.


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From my understanding, a Luciferian seeks to better themselves and/or
seek apotheosis while studying the mythos of one of several Morning
Star figures and pulling inspiration / guidelines for living from their
studies. They may do this atheistically, somewhere between atheism and
theism, or theistically.

In an atheistic view, the Morning Star figure is a symbol of
enlightenment (or something else on their path). In a theistic view,
they may revere, honor, etc. the Morning Star figure as a Deity / Higher
Power; from what I’ve been exposed to, they often place more importance
on their relationship with their Morning Star figure if they interact
with more than one Deity.

Based off this definition, I have come up with my own way of
describing my relation to this path. I am not a Luciferian, but an ally.
As a Luciferian ally:

~ I may better myself through shadow work (and other means), but it
is a stepping stone within my overall path and not my end goal or
primary focus.

~ I do not seek apotheosis as part of my path.

~ I do not actively study the mythos of Lucifer, or any other Morning
Star figure, and I do not pull guidelines for living from these bodies
of work. I recognize that over time guidelines may seep in, but I do not
aim to put these guidelines before others I have been given by my

~ As a [hard] polytheist, I view Lucifer as a separate entity, an
individual Being on the level of Deities. As a Morning Star figure, He
is not interchangeable with Other figures, and He is separate from the
Devil and Satan.

~ I honor Lucifer, and He is one of several Deities / Powers that I
interact with. However, He is not my Primary and I do have other
devotional relationships that get placed before His (in terms of time,
energy, devotions, etc.).

~ I do not view myself as part of the Luciferian community, though I
cannot deny that more than one Luciferian has been influential in how my
own path has progressed. Example.