Part Two (24/7 or Not)

24/7 or Not

This errs on approaching information as if the devotional power dynamics are a permanent component of the devotional relationship between the human and Deity. An approximate equivalent in the human world would be 24/7 power dynamics. Not all humans do power dynamics 24/7, so Deities may not fall within within that category either. Deities may only approach with a dynamic for cathartic work (shadow work, Ordeals, etc.) or when engaged in sexual activity with the devotee.

Human-human power dynamics aren’t inherently better if they’re 24/7, so I don’t consider devotional power dynamics that are 24/7 to be any better than other devotional relationships. Some people only want to do D/s ‘in the bedroom’ and want to leave the dynamic there, and that’s okay. Some people then may only want to have kinky godsex and leave the devotional power dynamic in that area of their life for the most part.

Sometimes human-human power dynamics can’t be easily defined as 24/7 because breaking out all the toys for the kinky sex may only happen on certain occasions but the means of communicating and interacting with one another still retains some element of the power dynamic. Still using “Sir” or “Ma’am” outside of the scene to address your Dom*, comforting your sub in a way that incorporates your dynamic outside of the scene, etc.

It really just depends on the people involved because this may cross into 24/7 territory for some, and not everyone’s interested in or suited for 24/7 power dynamics. While there are obvious differences in having a devotional power dynamic with a Deity, Power, Spirit, etc., this can still apply. Sometimes D/s only gets brought out for holy days, special occasions, ceremonies, and the like. Sometimes the power dynamic only affects how you present offerings and what the offerings may be, but that’s it.

Devotional relationships are not set in stone and change over time. It’s possible to start out with one dynamic, have elements of another one included for special occasions, and to slowly meld another dynamic in as the function and roles fit with how the relationship has grown. It’s possible to change from close to 24/7 to only special occasions and vice versa as the dynamic adapts to your life. Sometimes the roles of D/s no longer fit the devotional relationship, and they get set aside. Entering into a devotional power dynamic does not always equate to lifelong vows or an Oath to that Deity to never leave this dynamic.


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