Path: Polytheism, Honoring ancestors

Pantheon: Norse (mostly)

Focal People: Sigyn, Fenrir, Njord, Death (Hela)


  • Vanir and Vanatru friendly
  • Jotnar and Rokkatru friendly
  • Lokean friendly
  • Pop Occulture friendly
    • Pop Culture (PC) Paganism and PC magic
  • Curse friendly
  • Infernally adjacent
    • Ally to Luciferians and Satanists
  • UPG friendly
  • Some names will be used in place of phrases
    • Sleipnir → shadow work
  • Sometimes mentions People outside of the Norse pantheon (#not Norsery)

A variety of People have Left / are Leaving but could be mentioned in the future (various levels of continuing acknowledgment or debt). This could include: Families not named in lore (Fire, Mountain, Snow and Ice), the Pack (Fenrir, Angrboda, Hati, Skoll, and Vali), Infernal People, and various Norse People (Jormundgand, Thor, Nidhogg, Tyr, etc.).


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