Path: Polytheism, Honoring ancestors

Focal People: Tyr, Fenrir, Njord, Death (Hela)


  • Pro-Loki
  • UPG friendly
  • Jotnar and Rokkatru friendly
  • Vanir and Vanatru friendly
    • See just-another-vanic-shrine [Category and tag]
  • Pop Occulture friendly
    • Pop Culture (PC) Paganism and PC magic
  • Curse friendly
  • Some names will be used in place of phrases
    • Sleipnir → shadow work
  • Sometimes mentions People outside of the Norse pantheon (#not Norsery)

  • Infernally adjacent
    • Ally to Luciferians and Satanists
    • See the-unholy-pentagram [Category and tag]
    • See my–angel–music [Category and tag]

A variety of People have Left / are Leaving but could be mentioned in the future (various levels of continuing acknowledgment or debt). Alternatively, some People just pop by for a Lesson / Assignment, but They’re not quite Here because it’s temporary. This could include various Vanir (Frey, Freya, Sunna), the Pack (Angrboda, Hati, Skoll, and Vali), Jotnar (Jormundgand, Thor, Nidhogg), and Mystery Guests (Ganesh).


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