Pop Occulture


I’m off limits to interacting with Pop Culture (PC) Higher Powers or Spirits in relation to PC Paganism, but I’m allowed to utilize pc magic.

. . .

Previous PC Paganism experience (all have left):

Blith claimed a PC Face, specifically Galadriel. She was the One to nudge me in the direction of Aldulva (a branch of Ardan Paganism), which lead to minimal interaction with several Ardan Powers – Telperion, Tilion, Laurelin, and Arien.

Overall, there was a squishy, overlap between the Vanir and Tolkien stuff.

Voldemort showed up and eventually brought along Nagini (more of a venerated spirit than a PC Higher Power).

For a while, I only had “Unknown Spn Entity” as an identifier because I needed to get to a certain point in the Supernatural series before I could get a definite answer. However, when they were leaving, I found out it was Dean.


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