• Those Who are Here: Fenrir, Nidhogg, and Hela.
  • Those Who are owed: Holda, Loki, and Narvi.
  • Those Who are acknowledged: Angrboda, Hati, Skoll, Vali, and Jormundgand.

. . .

Fenrir’s intro post is here. There have been additional posts related to Him; see His tag.

Angrboda has turned a new Face to me in 2015, here. Hati’s post is here and Skoll’s is here.

The post with how I’ve interacted with Hela so far is here. Update is here (upg: Baldur is a consort of Hela’s, and His death / sacrifice helps the health of Helheim’s land). Jormundgand’s post is here.

Loki’s post is here. While a World-Breaker Face popped in for a bit, that Face has Left. Narvi’s page is here, and Vali’s page is here.


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