Blogging Updates (ii)

At some point I’m going to create a page for my other blogs.

Set to run out queues and enter hiatus (date indicated)

  • A sideblog for Lucifer (Jan 2017)
  • A sideblog for the Infernal Five (Dec 2018)
  • Sideblog [just-another-vanic-shrine] for Frey, Freya, Sunna, Njord, and Nott (Dec 2018)

Active sideblogs

  • Pop Occulture [magic-for-the-muggle-world]
    • The pc pagan info for Voldemort and Nagini will remain archived there, and the focus will be more on magic, particularly pc magic.
  • A sideblog for Sigyn [keeper-of-my-keys]
    • It’s been a bit quiet lately, but it is still active.
  • A sideblog for my not talkative, ‘new’ group of ancestors


  • Main [bonesandblood-sunandmoon]
    • I’ve got to work on updating tags, the tags page, and redirecting old content to a fandom blog, but it is a shrine (archival or active) for my People and ancestors.



His shrine has gone through a bit of an update, particularly after being asked to disassemble for part of the summer. I’m still muddling through the mobile app, so I’m going to bypass on trying to link to the last incarnation.

The water bottle and most of the shells are from a friend’s trip to the Atlantic Ocean. The glass jar has some change, Frey’s prayer beads, and an acorn on top. The blue cup can hold offerings, and the sea side painting was done by me at some point in middle school.

It’s unofficially become a place for the Vanir as a whole, though I really only interact with a few by name (Frey, Freya, Sunna, Nott).

Memziri and the Jotnar

Initially I improvised a space for the Jotnar on Fire Howling.

Then I switched things up and wound up with something for my Jotnar dead. I usually just refer to them as Jotnar, but it’s a squishy line between Jotnar, Ancient ancestors, and other things related to manifesting in Midgard.

A stuffed cow that I saved from childhood (imaginatively named Cow). Elemental and Midgard associations. The radio pendant to help keep me here in Midgard. A sand art dinosaur made in my youth.


The shrine for m’Lady, Sigyn, has been simplified since it was last pictured here.

A wooden bowl (different from last time) with braided yarn that used to represent water and air in an old elemental shrine. The glass with lady bugs and hearts, which holds a small heart. A notecard with one of the first prayers I used from “Staying Power” (I believe). The leaf is indeed heart shaped.

Fire Howling 2016

After being asked to disassemble His shrine earlier in the year, I’ve recently put something together for Njord. It’s rather similar to what I had previously, and I found myself slowly putting things together today for the Pack.

I’m not sure why, but They’ve requested that I not share pictures of these spaces. I haven’t yet oficially opened the doors, but They seem protective. (Something about these being group spaces since Frey and Freya drop by the one for Njord.) Anyways, They seem happy with the set ups.

I accompanied my grandfather on a shopping trip since he was going past Best Buy, and I have my laptop back in my possession (ten days later). Things will take some time to get to a comfortable place because they had to do a factory reset (files were restored, but not programs so I currently can’t open anything, for example).

Because my grandparents had a freezer / fridge unit die on them, we also stopped by my grandparents for the dinner of things that thawed (pulled pork and cheese sandwiches and beef vegetable stew). I don’t know if I’ve paired pulled pork with cheese before, but it actually was pretty good.

(May you not howl alone.)

Blogging Updates

People leaving tends to affect tags and any sideblog shrines that I have going. Some People still want some activity here or at least want specific posts to finish out Their tags, but I needed to work out tumblr activity, too.

Set to run out queues and enter hiatus

  • A sideblog relating to /A\
  • A sideblog for Lucifer (until I get to His owed activity, which can go there)
  • A sideblog for the Infernal Five
  • A sideblog for Mani [mani-god-of-the-moon]

Altered but still active

  • A pc magic sideblog [magic-for-the-muggle-world]
    • While the pc pagan info for Voldemort and Nagini will remain archived there, the obvious change is that they won’t be as much of a focus in that regard.
  • A sideblog for Sigyn [keeper-of-my-keys]
    • The focus will be shifting slightly and aiming for solely SFW content.

My main blog that these are attached to still needs some love in terms of updating. Somewhere in the back of my mind, there’s a voice saying that I didn’t really do anything productive today, but I don’t feel quite as overwhelmed.

Sigyn + Family Shrine


An updated version of the shrine for Sigyn, Loki, Vali, and Narvi last featured here.

A tall, thin glass with hearts and ladybugs on it for Sigyn (top left). A margarita glass filled with cinnamon candies for Loki (top right). A seashell for Narvi (bottom left). A sand art dinosaur for Vali (bottom right). A wooden bowl for Sigyn (center) in front of an index card with a prayer and heart shaped leaf on it.

Shrine update

With People leaving, Faces turning away, and it apparently being a time for People to change things, I have a new shrine configuration. It’s part of the Leaving Questionnaire to ask what I should do with items / shrines, so it didn’t take too much to just check in with Everyone else.

The big change right now is that I have one shrine for the Vanir (and two Vanic compatible Deities – Sunna and Mani). It was a combining and trimming process.

The new shrine is being shown first and below the cut are the available images I have of previous shrines and the components combined.


Continue reading “Shrine update”


[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

I used to read a prayer set based on the lunar cycle and a nightly prayer to Him. Both have been removed from the online source because they’ve been included in a book. (It’s the same book that has the prayer set I do for Sunna, and I know I could cite it. I just need to hunt up the link again. Sometime soon.)

I mentioned doing a Getting to Know You thing for Sunna, and I was prompted to do one for Mani (I’ve finished it, but I need to go through the process of sharing all the information without turning it into a gigantic info-dump). I ‘got to know’ Him at the different lunar phases, so I have certain associations for each phase and differences in offerings and interaction level. This information will be most relevant to my path with Mani, but I figured it wouldn’t exactly hurt to share what I can for others who may want to have something to springboard off in coming up with offerings and such.

After a dream / mental scenario connected to a certain phase, things kind of clicked into place that Mani was using this Getting to Know Him process as a courting phase (for lack of a better word). It took a fair bit of divination to figure out what His goal was, in part, because I had already gone through some of the topics with m’Lady Sigyn (and wasn’t expecting another Deity to be interested in these topics as well).

Mani showed interest in a devotional power dynamic (post / page version of masterpost for this topic). Most people talk about their Deity being the Dominant, but it took me a bit to figure to what He was wanting because Mani didn’t want to be in that dynamic role. He actually wanted to be the Little in a Caregiver / Little dynamic. Devotional D/s already runs into preconceived notions from some, however I typically brace myself for extra strong opinions on this. I’m not saying that I’m better than, more powerful than, or superior to any Deity; this dynamic really only affects my personal relationship with Mani and does not have to bother anybody else’s relationship with Him (or Anyone else).

I have two daily prayers that tie in our power dynamic, and I used to read ten pages of a book to Him (every day while school wasn’t in session to once a week), in addition to not quite doing another nightly prayer every night. After the first devotional lockdown, we worked out a variation on the nightly prayer I was struggling to have the time to do every night that was easier to accomplish. Then the second devotional lockdown happened, and I’m in the process of rebuilding what I do (I actually worked up to doing quite a bit, but I can’t just jump back in at that same level, you know?).

I’ve started a sideblog shrine to Him, and while I do hope that it can provide some level of inspiration for those who don’t see a Face that’s a ‘child at heart’ / Little / etc., it is meant to share Cg / l content. All posts will be tagged sfw / nsfw, though it currently only has sfw posts. For those who may not want to check out the shrine, I have relevant tumblr tags (no Cg / l content): Mani*, Moon God.

In addition to the online shrine, I have a physical one (that Sunna and Mani kind of share). I shared it here on tumblr, and I’ve already packed it up (so I don’t have updated pics).

I decorated individual pieces of paper and taped them to this clear box that comes apart. It serves as His calming / comfort box, and the moon bracelet just sort of make sense. I’ve never been 100% sure where it came from, though. The poptart box is what I’ve been using to hold origami stars (part of a devotional act), and I associate various s’more (or marshmallow) flavored things with Him, so I definitely needed to use that flavor of box.

(Note: I’ve switched up that devotional method, so I currently use hand gestures only instead of needing to fold and keep origami stars. Hence being able to put this on His shrine at home and not taking it off to campus.

The black bag is just here to provide contrast for the bracelet and doesn’t relate to this shrine.)

Combining it all together on my headboard shelf. The thing between Maxi’s paws [the stuffed dog] is a watch. It still works despite losing the clasp and one of wristbands, so I thought it’d work here. When this picture was taken, the blue cup was holding two mint holiday Andes (for Mani).


[I’m sharing how I’ve known and interacted with Everyone, starting with the Aesir. The Vanir will be next, then the Rokkr, and then the category where I put those Who don’t seem to pick just one category.]

I tried to do a solar prayer set every day, but there was a greater effort to at least do it completely on Sundays. It used to be available online, but the source has been removed due to it being included in a book. (I am aware that I could cite the book, but I have to refind it / it’s site.)

I started a process of getting to know Her before the last devotional lockdown, which entails a ritual with a ton of divination for predetermined questions on different days (whether holy or not). For example, I should be able to know what offerings She prefers based on what time of the year it is by the end of this process (X from the summer solstice to autumnal equinox, Y from autumnal equinox to winter solstice, etc.).

In terms of more frequent actions, I’m constantly needing to work on waking up a consistent time each morning. I need to do yoga and work up to doing the Sun Salutation for Her. I frequently share sunrise paintings from sunrisepaintings on tumblr and have a few tags (Sunna, Sun Goddess) for Her. I typically try to hail Sunna on the equinoxes and the solstices, though I can’t say those are Her only holy days.

I shared shrine pics for Sunna and Mani (and something for Hati and Skoll ended up included as well) here, however I’ve since packed this particular one up (so no updated pics). (Captions are originally from that post, btw.)

ALL THE SUNFLOWERS. Plus a circular yellow candle with silver spirals (of glitter, so I may never get all this glitter off).

Combining it all together on my headboard shelf. The sunflower picture is from a gardening magazine, and the thing between Maxi’s paws [name of the stuffed dog] is a watch. It still works despite losing the clasp and one of wristbands, so I thought it’d work here.